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Classy man poses with classThe nature of class is that not everyone has it. If everyone had class, then there would be no distinction between the classy and the non-classy–effectively making the word ‘class’ meaningless. Therefore, by creating a blog called ‘Blogging with Class’, I’m saying that there are things in this world that are not classy, and that I can tell the difference.

Class is not easy. If it was, then everyone would have it. Class is not instinctual. If it was, then animals would have it. No, class is learned. Sadly, there are few these days who teach class. Class has become a forgotten thing–something that remains as a vestige in human memory, a thing alluded to but rarely understood.

All of this means that most of us don’t have class, and most of our current behaviors are not classy. Most of our tastes are not tasteful, and most of the things we enjoy are not worth enjoying. It means that our tastes, desires, habits and yes, even some of our beliefs, need to change in order to attain class.

Class is something to aspire to. It is something most people will never have–something most people will never want to have. It is, in effect, snobby. Many will see you pursing class and laugh, unable to see the value in it. Let them be. There is no sense explaining Mozart to the deaf and blind.

Class has nothing to do with morality or ethics. I could be a very moral man, but have no class. You could be a very immoral man, but have a bit of class. Some morals are classy, and some classy things are moral, but the two are not always identical. Class, in effect, is a view of the world and of oneself that espouses a firm set of non-moral principles. And here they are:

The Universal Principles of Class

1) Humility

garish, outlandish, extravagant costume

Classy people do not seek attention.

Classy people do not seek attention. They avoid saying, doing or wearing anything that unduly screams for attention. This includes wearing gaudy jewelry, too much makeup, having socially divergent behaviors, gaudy tattoos, crazy hair and so on. Instead, a classy person is secure with himself and does not need to be noticed by the world. They have taste, and are unafraid of unsought for attention as they pursue class, but they never purposefully seek attention.

2) Confidence

A man in uniform who exudes confidence and security with himself. Captain Edward Rickenbacker.

Classy men are secure with themselves and follow a personal code of ethics.

Classy people do not seek the approval of others. They know themselves and faithfully follow their own code of ethics. They never apologize for the way they believe, and only apologize for betraying their own personal code. Being self-assured, they never ask for permission to believe or live the way they do, and they never change themselves to satisfy others. This confidence is only a classy attribute if one has one’s own unchangeable personal code of ethics, regardless of how one feel from day to day. Simply doing and saying whatever your animal self feels like at any given moment, is not classy.

3) Taste

Classy men enjoying the finer things

"I say, old sport, aren't you glad we worked so hard during our youth so that now we can enjoy the finer things in life?"

Classy people believe that good things are to be striven for and never settle for the status quo. A classy person would rather go without than to embrace the cheap or chintzy. He believes that quality possessions, clothing, food, music, books, and film are inherently better than non-quality because they take more time, energy, work and love to produce, obtain, understand and enjoy.

4) Self-Discipline

classy men use self restraint and are not slaves to their bodies

These Coptic monks know the meaning of self discipline are are slaves to no man--not even to themselves.

Classy people are not slaves to their bodies. Being self-disciplined, they resist anything that seeks to master them. This can include booze, nicotine, drugs, sex, food–anything that can master you, a classy person masters. Master nicotine by kicking your addiction and using it in  moderation. You don’t have to be a teetotaler to have class. This fine line is the hardest part of being a classy person, and a thing many people fail at.

5) Curiosity

A curious, inquisitive classy man

Classy people are constantly learning and are curious about everything.

Classy people view entertainment as a tool for self-enrichment, and never use entertainment simply to ‘un-plug’. Life is a thing to be lived, not to hide from. Instead of using film, games, books or substances to ‘get away’ from it all, classy people use these things to learn new things, see new worlds, stare in awe and wonder of the world around them and the imagination of others before moving on to the next great adventure. Classy people use entertainment to grow, not stagnate.

6) Standards

Classy men are snobs--they have standards and stick to them.

Classy people are happy snobs. The man who prefers espresso to drip is a snob. The man who prefers single malt to blended is a snob. Classy people appreciate the better things, and as a consequence, the world will call you a snob, or fussy, finicky and picky. Embrace it. Classy people can be a bit snobby while never being pompous. Never apologize for having taste.

Feel like stalking? Good show old man, I won’t tell.

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  1. Veritas says:

    Never seen someone so full of himself. Extremely disappointed.

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