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What’s Yours is Mine


I’ve been thinking about money recently. Not because I have a lot of it, but because I want to. At my age, with a wife and two kids, I find myself thinking about sending the kids to college, and being able to live when I can’t work anymore. To do these things, I need money.

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How To Be Classy


Many of the top Google results for “how to be classy” are pretty unclassy. They include top-10 lists, and brilliant observations like “don’t burp in public”. They co-mingle words like “fabulous” and “hip” with “classy”, as if they mean the

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Trade Your Child for the Vacation of a Lifetime


 Manlyfesto 9 I had lunch with a group of friends today. One of them had a baby a few years ago, and so she and I started chatting about kids. I told her that my wife was pregnant with our

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Manlyfesto 8 – Belief vs. Knowledge

Photo courtesy of the Georgian National Museum.

Q: Does God exist? A: I don’t know. Some of my fellow Christians, upon hearing the exchange above, would think that the man answering is either an agnostic, or a back-slidden Christian. I believe that it does Christians no good

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Manlyfesto 7 – Protect Naivety


People tend to think of naivety as an embarrassing horror to be avoided. They think of naive people (or naifs) as people who need a good heaping dose of reality to cure them of their unfortunate naivety. On the contrary,

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Why I’m Retiring From Movie Making

Today, I released my final movie, Into the Tin. It is my final movie, not because I’ve grown bored with movie making, but because it demands time I don’t have. Of course, my story is no different than yours—who has

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Think Rationally


Here’s to the sane ones. The patient. The long-suffering. The hard workers. The molded cog from raw metal. The ones who see things as they are. They’re not fond of band-wagons, and they have no respect for anarchists. You can

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