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God and Aliens

I’ve often been exacerbated by people’s stubborn assertion that alien life must be out there. With no evidence of aliens, any belief in aliens therefore cannot be scientific and must be faith. My movie The Invisible Pink Unicorn and my

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I have a lot of opinions but not a lot of patience to write them all out. So, instead of making a new post for every review (like I have been doing), I’ll instead collect them all on this page and

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The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis

I’m a big fan of Lewis, but after reading The Abolition of Man, I think I have finally figured out his problem. Lewis always casts too wide a net. He is so knowledgeable, and has debated the issues with so

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Awaiting the Prodigal Son

I wrote about the prodigal son previously, and it is funny that I just finished reading a bit of Lewis that made a great point on the matter. The prodigal son walked on his own two feet back to his

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Problems with District 9–Movie Review

I’ll get the obvious remarks out of the way first—District 9 was brilliantly made, had wonderful special effects, had believable aliens with distinct personalities, had entertaining action and bla, bla, bla. In short, technically speaking, District 9 was made the

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Man on Wire — Glorifying Narcissism

I just finished watching “Man on Wire”. It is a BBC documentary about a French man named Phillipe who tight-rope walked between the World Trade Center twin towers in 1974. In that the documentary is entertaining, thought provoking, visually stimulating

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Horton Hears a Who / Oh, How I Love Animation!

Today is Sunday and I take my Sundays off. However, I really didn’t have much to do today, and my mind kept going over things that I want to do in my new video (I’ll have screenshots on my homepage

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