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Oxhorn at Dragon*Con

I was invited to Dragon*Con 2010 by the fine folks in charge of the MMO Track. After a long flight where I slept a lot because I forgot to download a new book onto my Kindle, I arrived Thursday night,

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Cataclysm Confirmed: The Details

Blizzard’s announcement of WoW Cataclysm was the big news of the weekend. I was at Blizzcon when they announced it and took a lot of notes. Here is a little overview of everything I heard. Also, check out some images

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Premature Review of Cataclysim–WoW’s New Expansion

Ok, the more I hear about this upcoming WoW patch “Cataclysm” the more I am convinced that it is all a hoax, or, at best, only partially correct. We will find out at Blizzcon I suppose, so be sure to

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Worgen & Goblins

Yesterday, news of the latest WoW expansion were leaked. It will be called Cataclysm (maybe a code name?) and there will be two new races; Worgen for the Alliance and Goblins for the Horde. The details of this leak sound

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I got banned for cheating! No fair!

I saw a great image recently which records some kid complaining to Valve for banning him for hacking. The funny part of it is that the kid actually seems to think that he has been treated unjustly. What I’m seeing

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Designer Sperm

Now that scientists can make sperm, what will become of men?

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Smoke & Dress

A combination smoke and dress shop. Wut?

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