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What’s Yours is Mine


I’ve been thinking about money recently. Not because I have a lot of it, but because I want to. At my age, with a wife and two kids, I find myself thinking about sending the kids to college, and being able to live when I can’t work anymore. To do these things, I need money.

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Trade Your Child for the Vacation of a Lifetime


 Manlyfesto 9 I had lunch with a group of friends today. One of them had a baby a few years ago, and so she and I started chatting about kids. I told her that my wife was pregnant with our

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Manlyfesto 7 – Protect Naivety


People tend to think of naivety as an embarrassing horror to be avoided. They think of naive people (or naifs) as people who need a good heaping dose of reality to cure them of their unfortunate naivety. On the contrary,

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Manlyfesto 6 – Reading is Selfish

There are two types of people who have the luxury to read—the rich, and the lazy poor. Before I dig myself too deep of a hole, let me first say that I adore reading. If I had the freedom to

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Blog Relaunch


It’s been a few years since I mashed this website together using a theme builder and a slew of heavy plugins. Since then, I’ve gotten better at SEO, CSS, and WordPress, so I decided to rebuild the site from scratch and implement some new

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#10 – Porn & Masturbation

manly man dates a woman instead of having porn

In a recent episode of Scotch & Smoke Rings, I was asked for my opinion on pornography which I duly gave. Since many were curious, I want to take a moment to explain my stance fully, which is that porn

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Sandusky and Sodomy

Joe Paterno

Why Child Rape at Penn State Will Happen Again Now they’re sorry. Now, they’ll promise over and over that this will never happen again. It only took world-wide media coverage. I believe these allegations of child rape never came to

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