Make Babies!

Two recent reports have come out saying that Africa alone has enough suitable land to feed the world’s population, with room to spare. I believe this is important, because there is a very popular myth out there that the world is overpopulated. This, of course, is far from the truth. Cities are overpopulated, but the world is not.

Wall to wall humanity?

Wall to wall humanity?

I recently drove from California to Washington. With the exception of a few towns along the way, I passed nothing but empty land. I was acutely aware of how un-overpopulated this area is. The myth of the “overpopulated world” has led to decreased child production in all developed countries. The U.S. birthrate has hit an all-time low, the lowest point since data has been recorded. If America wants to continue to lead the free world in technology, science and over-all progress, we need people. Where will all our teachers, scientists and inventors be in 100 years if Americans don’t produce babies?

The importance of the aforementioned article is that we now have proof that this planet CAN sustain an increased population. Cities are overpopulated because people like being near to other people. Technology grows within concentrated humanity—that is where progress is made. The answer to overpopulated cities is not to stop having kids, but to expand cities, found new cities, turn towns and suburbs into cities, or move centers of industry further afield.

I think I'll wait for the next one.

I think I'll wait for the next one.

Look, we have a lot of room in America, and we don’t use it. Look at what we did with Las Vegas. We turned the desert into one of the most visited places in the world. I’m not saying we need to practice widespread deforestation in order to expand. We have hectare upon hectare of uninhabited prairies and fields, which could be used for farming or founding towns, without cutting trees.

To sum up, we need children, so keep making babies, we need to expand, so keep building cities, and if you are worried about overpopulation, found your business in a small town somewhere. Should fix it.


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4 comments on “Make Babies!
  1. Joseph Opara says:

    This is a farely good article but to think that expanding out of the city to fill up flatlands will not work, these flatlands need to be used as farm land because if we do not produce food then we must buy food from other countries destroying our economy and then we subjugate ourselves to lower standards in food safety.

  2. Bert Baker says:

    I have to disagree. But not on all points.

    The world isn’t overpopulated in terms of room to live, it’s overpopulated in terms of food, water and resources.

    You need far more resources to create a town in the desert, than near other towns. That is why cities grow. It’s more effective. Las Vegas isn’t just a city. It’s made for gambling and shows. That is why it became a succes, because the people thought it was worth it to build a city there.

    The earth is overpopulated because mankind tends to use as many resources as they can. THAT is why the world is overpopulated.

    Nice article anyway.

  3. Hayley Ferguson says:

    I totally agree with this article. We could go back to when everyone had enough land to plant a vegie garden (you don’t need a lot of land to do this.) Everyone should have their own fresh vegetables and fruit (they have grown) then their health would improve and it would taste better! There are parts of Europe where it would cost their govts. less to pay farmers to produce nothing but as it is they pay very highly for produce that is in oversupply. It’s all a matter of mismanagement not, not enough resources. I predict the world will end with a large war-to-end-all-wars and a massive fire…you can quote me if you like.

  4. Hayley Ferguson says:

    Oh yeah I totally forgot. I am in Australia…where “greenies” won’t let us spread out. AND I’m totally doing my bit (thank the Lord.) My husband and I are blessed with 8 children so far (and I’m only 30 so plenty more time to have many more, Lord Willing.)

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