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Why I’m Retiring From Movie Making

Today, I released my final movie, Into the Tin. It is my final movie, not because I’ve grown bored with movie making, but because it demands time I don’t have. Of course, my story is no different than yours—who has

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I work for My job is to, among other things, make machinima. Before that, I worked at writing tedious XML all day. Before that, I was a student who worked on the weekends as a van driver for

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Produce, Produce, Produce!

Some of the most popular questions I get asked are “How do you come up with your ideas?” and “How do you find time to make so many movies?” These are rather hard questions to answer, because the answers are

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I’ve always hated ads. When I go to the movie theater, I plop down $14 to watch a movie, and maybe even some previews, not to watch a commercial about Nissan’s latest car. And while watching that movie, I want

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How to Give Criticism

I got into an interesting discussion about giving criticism on a forum recently, and thought it would be good material for discussing here. I’ve written two other posts on receiving criticism, but we often have opportunities to give it as

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With Inventing Swear Words 3 nearing completion, the topic of paid sponsorship has arisen, and has caused me to do some thinking. I think the fact that there are businesses out there that see the benefit of machinima and recognize

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Oxhorn’s Tips on Making a Good Movie

One might see an essay on making machinima and think, “well then, this fellow has it all figured out!” But alas, I don’t—indeed I have it far from all figured out and am in debt many of my Machinima film

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