#10 – Porn & Masturbation

In a recent episode of Scotch & Smoke Rings, I was asked for my opinion on pornography which I duly gave. Since many were curious, I want to take a moment to explain my stance fully, which is that porn and masturbation are not classy–not for any moral or ethical reason, but because it isn’t manly, it’s fake, it’s easy to obtain and those who use them tend to be pitiful. I believe that men who view pornography and masturbate have failed to attain when men evolved instinct to obtain, and are therefore failed men.

They are pathetic in the true sense of the word and are the perfect examples of un-classyiness, as I lay out in my manifesto on class. Since this stance is, I’m sure, very troubling to some, I’ll elaborate at some length using big pictures of fuzzy dogs.

The first thing many anti-porn people will do is mention how it is morally wrong, a sin and so on. I’m not even going to go there. It’s not a compelling argument if we don’t share morals. Instead, my argument starts as an evolutionary one. It is an argument about the differences between a man and a beast.

Animals Don’t View Porn

dogs don't view porn

Our animal desire is to have sex. Any animal that satisfies that desire in any way besides having sex has failed as an animal. The dog humping your leg has failed in its attempt at copulation. It may (or may not) be satisfying a primal urge, but a few things are certain; it is confused and its instinctual, evolved behaviors have failed to obtain sex. Even so, it at least tries for the real thing. It doesn’t view porn.

From a Darwinist perspective, any man masturbating to porn is a failed human animal. It evolved to crave sex, but it can’t get any so it watches porn and masturbates.

Some may counter that at least by masturbating and looking at pornography, one is satisfying a need. A man is getting a release, relaxing, enjoying himself and having a harmless good time. I will counter that any enjoyment had pales compared to the real thing. Masturbation and porn are the tofu-turkey of Thanksgiving dinner. It may taste close to the real thing, but it’s not real and may make you just a bit sick.

Porn, Like Tofu, Isn’t Satisfying

tofu turkey tofurkey

While never really satisfying, some unclassy people may be content with porn. These same people may also be content spending their lives giving limp-wristed handshakes and never making eye contact with an actual girl. The rest of us have ambition and want to make something of ourselves. We’re not satisfied with the status quo, nor with anything fake. We want the best, we want something lasting, and we want something real.

Many studies and much anecdotal evidence shows that porn and masturbation are not satisfying. Marina Robinson and Gary Wilson over at Psychology Today explain the phenomenon like this (let me paraphrase): the animal mind knows that porn and masturbation are not real and that seeds, so to speak, have not been planted. The human animal’s circuitry therefore deprives the body of the many benefits that come from real sex from within a loving, monogamous relationship in an effort to compel the human animal to find the real thing. Thus, the man expends himself one day, goes to bed unhappy and unsatisfied, and returns to the same behavior the next day in a fruitless effort to find satisfaction.

Here’s where marriage comes in, and may be a key piece to why marriage evolved in the first place–married people get more sex. Many studies show that married men have more sex than anyone–including live-in boyfriends and girlfriends and bachelors ‘on the prowl’. Sex within marriage is more enjoyable and married people get more of it, according to a myriad of different studies.

Psychology Today (linked above) sums it up like this:

In general, extramarital sex is not as good as marital sex. On average, married couples have more sex than any other group.

Pornography and masturbation are easy to get and, like sex outside of marriage, ultimately unsatisfying. Thus the human animal who watches porn has failed on two fronts–it has failed to obtain actual sex and it has failed to find lasting enjoyment, comfort and love.

Porn is Pitiful & Pathetic

Pitiful starving man

We feel pity for the starving child and wish to give him food. Similarly, we should pity the porn addict and encourage him to get the real thing.

When you witness a starving man lusting over bread in a store window, what do you feel? Pride? Satisfaction? Most of us would feel pity. We pity the poor man who is so starved of that basic, animal need that he lusts hopelessly over an image. Therefore, calling a man who watches pornography pitiful is apt–that observation should evoke pity. The man is pitiful, not because he is wrong, unethical, or because he is hurting someone. No, he is pitiful because he just can’t get the real thing.

We have no sexual bragging rights by watching porn or masturbating–only by having real, actual sex. Therefore, to the human animal, porn and masturbation should cause evolutionary shame. It is something we should be embarrassed about, not because we are being bad, but because we are actively failing at life–or at least, at one important aspect of life we evolved to achieve.

Porn is For the Un-Manly

manly man dates a woman instead of having porn

Manly men ditch porn and marry women.

A number of intrinsically human characteristics distinguish men from animals–one of which is manliness. A dog can’t be manly. Nor can a bear, a mosquito or a herring. Only a man can be manly (or a woman or child who exhibits characteristics of manliness). These manly traits appeal to something else–something beyond nature, beyond our animals selves. Something human. We expect men to act better than animals. We expect a dog to defecate in a park, but when a man does it, we call the cops. We expect a dog to mount a female dog, but when a man grabs any nearby woman, again, we call the cops. Manliness is a Great Thing beasts can never have–a classy, manly man has standards.

Yes, he has cravings. He craves sex like the animal, but unlike the animal, he is no slave to his cravings. He is a man, and he masters those cravings. He takes his instincts and places them under the boot of man, making those instincts serve him, instead of serving those instincts. A classy man is slave to no one–not the government, not another man and certainly not to his body. He is his own master.

sasquatch-yeti-animal-manTherefore, to succumb to animal instincts by watching porn and masturbating violates a man’s mastery of himself. He submits himself to his body–to his animal instincts–and becomes an animal. Men of class can’t abide this behavior within themselves. They date actual women instead of looking at them, love women instead of lusting them, and marry women instead of masturbating to them. A man’s mastery of his most primal desires pulls him out of the mire of Darwinism and places him firmly on the pedestal of manliness.

“But”, counters animal man, “porn and masturbation keep me sane! They relieve stress and frustration!” This is the cry of a slave. If you need stimuli to keep yourself sane, then you are addicted, and you are slave to that addiction. You have not mastered yourself yet and you are an animal. The classy man doesn’t complain about not having sex, and he doesn’t actively pursue fake sex. Instead, he has dignity and he finds real sex.

Add: Society

And, of course, there are the social implications. Many women are hurt when they find their husbands watching porn, bosses are infuriated to find porn on work computers, and so on. Societal implications exist and should be taken into account. But with this post, my aim was to demonstrate how pornography and masturbation are unsuitable for men, even for the man who has no God, no wife and no accountability aside from himself, for evolutionary, manly and classy reasons. Even such men can at least have dignity.


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24 comments on “#10 – Porn & Masturbation
  1. hailey s says:

    Pretending religion isn’t your only reason for being against something is incredibly unclassy.

    1. Animals do watch and will even join with others who are coppulating. They do not view porn because they do not read or watch tv. The fact that you chose such a pointless statement makes me wonder why you even bothered bringing up the nature argument for porn. As for masturbation, you claim that someone who masturbates has failed to succeed in finding a mate; tell that to the millions of happy, fulfillef couples who incorperate masturbation as part of their sex life.

    2. Are you really so small-minded that you’re going to use this topic to attack others’ dietary preference? So what if you don’t like meat alternatives? Nobody is making you eat it. Assuming the world is unhappy or unfulfilled by something because you are is plain self-centered and unclassy. The same holds true with sexuality. The fact that you have a greater emotional need does not mean that Jane or Johnny down the street isn’t fulfilled by solo action. As for your reference to studies, for every study claiming marital sex is better and more frequent, there is one stating the opposite.

    3. It is dispicable that you would trivialize starvation by comparing it to sexual desire. Unlike hunger, sexual desire is not necessary to live and will go away when ignored or can be fulfilled by alternative measure. As for stating that someone who masturbates should be pitied and encouraged to find the real thing, as a rape victim I am sickened to the core. Yours is the attitude that fuels the notion that only losers have no partner and makes people desperate enough to manipulate and force themselves on to others. It is also the notion that is pressuring kids into sex before they even know what protection is.

    4. Sexuality has nothing to do with manliness. A real man protects his home and loves his family. He provides in his capacity as either bread winner or home maker, he communicates, helps others in need, and allows his feelings to be known. He gives his all when it is needed. And finally, porn is not just viewed by loser guys living in their moms’ basements. It is viewed by men and women of all ages, orientation and social standing. As long as they aren’t imposing on other people or animals, what they do/view behind closed doors has no bearing on their integrity as a human being.

    5. The only women hurt by porn viewing are the ones who have been brainwashed with religion. Otherwise, most women do not care so long as it isn’t excessive or interfering with the relationship or daily activities. Many women enjoy masturbating and viewing porn alone or with a partner. As for the work place, this is not a society issue. You are there to work, not play video games/read/watch videos/listen to music/look at pictures/etc. If you weren’t so busy trying to justify what is, at it’s core, a religious intolerance, you would have realized how irrelevant the work place statement is.

    Between the pretending, blatant prejudice, sexism, and utter lack of thought, this is an incredibly unclassy post. At least if you had admitted your stance was purely religion-based, you would have had the dignity of an honest man instead of sabotaging your own respectability.

  2. John Goldsmith says:

    lol oxhorn, i used to think you were a somewhat intelligent man.

    … Then I read this.

  3. Colby says:

    …. Animals masturbate. Animals will masturbate when alone, when they lack available partners, and will masturbate even if there IS an available partner on hand. Horses rub their penises against their bellies, goats will perform autofellatio, mares will masturbate, bulls, sheep, camels, elephants, ferrets, bears, hyenas, monkies, lions, bats, walruses and so forth will ALL masturbate. Even birds. some Primates even create sex toys for their own use. male and females alike. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_sexual_behaviour#Autoeroticism_or_masturbation

    Wnat to shake your world up more? animals like porn. We encourage pandas to mate by showing them videos of other pandas doing it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_sexual_behaviour#Sexual_imagery_viewing

    as for the idea that a man who is not having ‘real sex’ is a thing to be pittied.. well.. I have no ‘classy’ response to that.

    because certaintly, no man would ever be single on purpose. it makes himless of a man to opt to focus on his job, or his schooling, to not allow himself to neglect a woman who he does not have time for. Clearly this case does not exist.

    one might wonder instead why us humans have a huge social taboo on sex and everything involved with it.

    • Oxhorn says:

      Colby: As I explained to Justin, this article is not about demonstrating that masturbation is unclassy. I actually have no bone to pick with masturbation when practice within a loving, healthy relationship. The goal was to demonstrate that lonely masturbation–and other forms of sexuality practiced outside of a loving relationship–is unclassy, unmanly and evolutionary failure.

      Also, I’ve always felt that pointing to animal behavior to justify human behavior was a bad argument. After all, some animals eat their mates after sex.

      Alternatively, pointing to animal behavior to shame human behavior is a good argument. The first says, “But animals do it!” The other says, “Not even animals do it”.

      True, few men are single on purpose, but that is no excuse to be unclassy. In fact, using loneliness as an excuse is unmanly in and of itself. Manliness is not about excuses–it is about action and problem solving. If one is single, find a mate. I realize this is a hard thing to do, but one has a 100% chance of failure if one does nothing and just waits for ‘something’ to happen. One of the goals of this article was to encourage boys to get out of their basements and date real women instead of fantasizing about some glossy anime character.

      The boy who sits in the dark among a pile of used tissue papers and a flickering screen is failing himself, proving his unmanliness and failing the challenge of evolution.

    • Oxhorn says:

      In response to your point on porn, I’ll counter that only when provoked by humans are animals introduced to porn. As you state, in nature when they see other animals copulating, their instinct kicks in and, instead of looking for porn (the response of pitiful humans) they try to gain the real thing.

      Even more, the ‘panda porn’ introduced by humans is used to get them to mate–not to view more porn or masturbate. The millions of porn users in the world have a few things on their minds when viewing porn–marriage and finding the real thing are often not among them.

      As for porn used within a loving sexual relationship, I’ll add that I think leaning on other people having sex to enjoy your own sex is unmanly and unclassy–though I certainly can’t use the evolutionary failure argument here. A classy man dates a woman, marries a woman and has marital relations with that women–and she is all the stimulation he needs.

  4. Justin Reese says:

    Masturbation is healthy for you, it stimulates adrenal glands and blood flow all around the body, and triggers endorphins and positive emotions. Humans are not the only creatures who masturbate in this world. It is a perfectly natural thing and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

    I’ve had sex AND I masturbate. I’m sorry, but this article is ridiculous.

    • Oxhorn says:

      Justin: Masturbation gives your body nothing that sex doesn’t give you. The studies I linked to demonstrate that masturbation leaves people feeling unsatisfied. Therefore, when it comes to health, sex is always preferable to masturbation, and nothing I have found demonstrates that masturbation is more healthy than abstinence (I’d love to be enlightened though).

      Also, the point of this argument was not a rail against masturbation. Indeed, I personally do not think masturbation in and of itself is unclassy. The point was that any sexual adventure outside of a committed, loving relationship–and, as studies show, a marriage relationship–is unmanly, unclassy and evolutionary failure.

      • Vlad says:

        Dude, I don’t care about the studies really. I don’t find it unsatisfying or anything, it just takes care of my needs in these times when I’m alone. That’s all that it is. I don’t give a fuck about morals about it or wether it’s classy or not. That’s all bullshit for me since they are not the things I use to guide myself. As for if it’s manly or not, I don’t think that is an appropriate question to the subject at hand since many if not most men do it. But again, who gives a shit if it’s manly or not, classy or not, animalistic or not whatever. It does what it deos and it does it well. I’m not saying it should substitue sex or anything like that but you know that doesn’t mean you don’t do it.

        • Oxhorn says:

          I fully understand! But it is still unclassy. There are a plethora of unclassy things we all could do to immediately satisfy our needs. Instead, classy people practice self restraint and deny themselves. They do the hard, time consuming things to achieve greater, more satisfying rewards.

          If you don’t care about whether something is classy/manly or not, then you are on the wrong blog. This blog is all about class. This post is all about whether masturbation and pornography (together) are classy or not. If one is not concerned with being classy, manly, noble or chivalric, then my arguments are not meant for him.

  5. Sonji says:

    Ok to many idiots to quote and not enough time to quote them all one by one so here have it.

    1) @hailey Vegetarian- native american word for Lowsy hunter. (believe its blackfoot if i remember right) as for animals watching porn that is a complete bull. Animals that mate for life will actually turn and leave an area if they encounter another “couple” mating. yes creatures like wolves and bears and most other pack and heard animals enjoy watching eachother…or rather watch their “MAN” mate with another female. so learn your animal facts before thoust get started. as for Sexual desire being ignored and just vanising you are full of something and i would love to smoke some what ever you have been. my friend who died at the ripe old age of 72 and a virgin never lost his sexual desire but refused to ever get in a relationship and wouldnt have sexual relations outside of one. so the THEORY you have of “ignore and it wont be there” is bogus. ty come again. next subject your so far off base its not even funny. 43 YO stanley who has lived in his moms basement for 43 years playing his computer and watching porn all the time is nothing of the man compared to 43 YO John who has a Job, a Wife, A family, a house….oh wait ya you put that up there didnt you……. Think about it. as for number 5 i wont say anything from a womans pov because im not one but in the morning i will ask my EX to come give her loving statement for number 5 and we will research it like i have been this. (and as for the final lil statement you made at the bottom…if im not mistaken i dont thing ox has a religious preferance at all (am i wrong ox……kinda assumed you wernt a religios nut..i meen you smoke a pipe drink scotch, play a game called WOW…..no religious nut ik of would) so unless im mistaken yet again get facts.

    next person in line is lucky number 2) and number to ties with @Justin and @ Colby and yes ik Ox has already taken care of this but hey im having fun now. for colby Justin Reese isn’t that great of a Medical Practitioner because if he was he would state the fact that Prolonged times of masturbation can and actually DO cause the body harm. first off it is impossible to grip the penis just right to keep from damaging the blood vessels in the penis. and in doing so you can cause perm damage to your manhood. (cricks, lack of erections, and a few other nasty things that aren’t appropriate for me to put on anything ox related.) at the Both of you I have read that a few more time but if im not mistaken im pretty sure its masturbating to porn that is unclassy not just the act in general. now back at Colby again only because you went alot more indepth then justin and i think i covered his argument. Yes animals do “watch pron and make toys to play with themselves with…here is a little fact you didnt know. Primates (mainly Chimps btw) that create Toys to use are outcasted from the social family and left to fend on their own because they are found not suitable for the family. Another little tidbit of information (and i put this up a little bit further but ill put it here again) This yet again only applies to animals that dont mate for life. (and yes although chimps in captivity do mate for life (not totally out of choice) the ones in the wild do not. they have a primal spouce and hundreds of……whats the word to use without offending people.. bah call em whatever you want, that help satasify their other urges. but in animals that mate for life this isnt the case.

    now for lucky number #3.. @ John… you have just shown how Unclassy you can be by not having any statement to back up what you said. that would be like me calling you a retard. i have no proof and no viable point to so why do it? Its pointless and unclassy. If you want to accuse someone of being Unintelligent get some proof first. and then when you do make an accusation back it up with facts. Like the fact that you cant say what about Ox’s page was unintelligent just goes to show you my friend are unclassy.

    As for me (and no im not a religious nut, or affiliated with any religion at all other then that which is needed shall be provided by the Earth. and the creatures on it) Im not with nor against Ox on this conversation. WHY? because this is a MAN’s point of view on 2 subjects that most people would laugh giggle turn red and drop before they could write about it. am i pro masturbation..Sure if its with your significant other. (and no i dont mean wife because as i found out there are religions and factions in the world that dont believe in marriage and im a politically correct kinda guy lol ya right) do i think you should be watching Porn while you do it. No! A man and a Woman (and for those of you out there) Woman and woman or man and man (no im not for nor against same sex marriages either) time together is ment to be for them not to be spent fantasizing about other men and women. (or M&M or W&W).

    Now on my personal note.

    Good job Ox. dont totally agree with ya but a well written columns none the less my good man.

    • Oxhorn says:

      Thanks for the kudos! I am a Christian, and I drink scotch, smoke cigars and write about evolution, science and teh pronz. I feel a stereotype of the religious nut has about as much merit in an intelligent gentlemanly conversation as a stereotype of the godless, amoral, atheist baby killer.

      I enjoyed your point about primates using toys labeled as outcasts by the family. This goes in line with the r-type and K-type evolved personalities. K-type personalities live to fulfill a code–class, if you will–and associate with those who share their code. r-type personalities, like the Zerg, exist to procreate as much as possible, and to start as young as possible, until they die. To do so, r-type personalities will use subterfuge and betrayal within their communities to achieve their desires, which goes against the communal code of ethics (laws, rules, religion, class, etc). and therefore the r-types are expelled when caught.

  6. Sonji says:

    And now looking over my post ox will shoot me because i wote a column almost as long as his for a reply to him that is only 2 lines long roflmao

  7. Sonji says:

    Actually this is where you are wrong. my friend at 65 years of age has been single and a virgin his entire life because HE WATS TO


    because certaintly, no man would ever be single on purpose. it makes himless of a man to opt to focus on his job, or his schooling, to not allow himself to neglect a woman who he dœs not have time for. Clearly this case dœs not exist.

    • Oxhorn says:

      One is also forgetting the existence of abstinent Christians who choose celibacy, not because they can’t find a wife or partner, and not because they don’t have personal desire, but because they are striving for something that, to them, is more important, and means more. For these rare individuals like Paul of Tarsus, there is greater personal reward for them when they use their manly self-control to master their personal sexual desires and instead choose a life of celibacy.

    • Oxhorn says:

      Thanks for your response Eltoro! I agree that it is healthy for a man to “empty” himself once and a while; however, I argue that we were designed to accomplish this through actual sex, and that masturbation (outside of a healthy monogamous relationship) can cause more harm than any good the ’emptying’ does–it actually makes one feel more depressed and lonely than if one had restrained himself, as the articles referenced in this blog post demonstrate.

      I disagree with your paragraph about fetishes. I believe that many fetishes are learned, and that they are not born with a man. Often, fetishes are the result of childhood conditioning, and are usually maladaptive (they are the symptom of a social flaw within the owner’s personality). That said, some fetishes are healthy, when practiced within a monogamous relationship.

      • eltoroguaco says:

        oh trust me on the fact about fetishes. I know they are born. At least mine is. Had it as far as I can remember, discovered it before I knew what sexuality is. Such are not chosen.

  8. Austin Patrick says:

    Oxhorn I love your opinions, you are a christian but you don’t use faith and religion to rule every decision you make, I’m glad there is people like that, I for one am one and I get judged alot by other christians for it, but just like you I look at Darwinism and evolution and touchy issues like Porn and I still haven’t ‘burned’ lol major props to you

    • Oxhorn says:

      Thanks Austin. I find that I get hate from the world for being too Christian and hate from some Christians for being too worldly.

  9. Liam Swan says:

    Hey Oxhorn!

    I’ve spent some time reading through your views on this topic and posted my own blog post as a direct reply; you can check it out here! http://objective-morality.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/porn-masturbation-and-self-satisfaction.html

    Your blog has encouraged me to start my own again, and hopefully gain some sort of an audience! So I hope to see a challenging response and some feedback, cheers!

    • Oxhorn says:

      Thanks Liam, here is my response to your post:

      Great thoughts! In response on your bit on class, I’ll take two exceptions. One is that I agree, evolutionary man must adapt (change) in order to survive—however, subcultures are a product of that adapting. In order to better fit in with his surroundings to survive, he adapts to the local subculture. Subculture, then, is evidence of social evolution, and doesn’t stand in its way.

      Class, then, is not just about adaptation. After all, the unclassy are particularly adept at adapting. Instead, class is adhering to a set of certain principles that are manly, that are universal, and that are identical in highly evolved societies, regardless of culture, and missing in less evolved ones.

      This is evidenced by some of the examples you list. The rebel without a cause may be different from the straight-laced family man with the white picket fence, but they share one distinct characteristic: they both do what they think is right. The rebel without a cause is noble and manly because he has principles, and sticks with them. The family man is equally noble and manly because he has his own principles, and sticks with them. Unclassy men have no principles, or very loosely defined principles, other than that they do what makes them feel good. This places them right up there with beasts.

      I disagree about your opinion of overpopulation. It is programmed into our evolutionary experience. There are so many different consequences of overpopulation that must occur—and in fact, are bound to occur, and are good to occur to further our species. Because of overpopulation, the earth was explored. All of it. If mankind had not overpopulated certain places, we would have had no need to move on, and the earth would be a dark mystery to us. Because of overpopulation, there is competition for food, land, women and resources, which leads to research and ingenuity, which furthers mankind as a race. Overpopulation is, evolutionarily speaking, good.

      I reject your assumption that class ignores the downtrodden. One of the aspects of class, as I list in my manifesto on class (here: , is humility. How can a humble man trample upon the downtrodden? How can a humble man ignore suffering? The idea of having class means that you are above animal instincts such as greed, envy and brutality. Therefore, classy individuals have the opposite attributes—generosity, graciousness and kindness. You tragically make a huge assumption about classy people that I have never argued.

      You make a number of fatal assumptions in your post. One is that we are programmed by evolution to desire pornography. We weren’t. We were programmed by evolution to desire sex, not pornography. Pornography is man’s way to try to cheat evolution (and cheating is, incidentally, neither manly nor classy).

      As I stated in this article, I don’t consider masturbation in and of itself to be unclassy—only when coupled with pornography or used in lieu of the real thing. When used within a monogamous relationship, I see no harm.

      Your post is defensive and glosses over the point of this article: that classy, manly things are hard to get, and men strive for the hard things in life. That pornography is unmanly because it cheats evolution and placates ‘little men’ who are satisfied with table scraps, instead of encouraging them to man up and find a loving wife, and that it is unclassy because it is easy, takes no effort, takes no creativity or ingenuity and is the hallmark of social awkwardness. Your post tries to defend porn by saying we have the freedom to ‘communicate our desires with the world’. But you’re not communicating with anyone. You’re staring at a flickering screen, alone in your room, with only a box of tissues to keep you company.

      Classy men date women, marry women and then enjoy the biological fruit of that effort. Unclassy men stare at pictures of Mila Kunis.

  10. Justin Sauro says:

    Hey Ox, :) You related a point in your argument to evolution and darwinism. I was just curious to how you can be both Christian and hold this stance of evolution as well ( of course im assuming you believe in evolution if you used it as an argument). Im not judging your belief, im just curious of your stance on it, because i dont see a way those 2 things can coexist. I know some people could defend this stance by stating the world was not nessecarily created in 7 of (our) days,so to speak, with 2 Peter 3:8 (for those of you who don’t own a bible or arent familiar with the verse, here you go) “But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” (ESV) which is a great verse to argue such a point and tbh im not 100% sure of my stance with such a verse in mind. But reading the context makes it seem that its talking more about endtime prophysing and how God says he will return soon but soon to him could be thousands of years. Anywho im going off on a tangent :P. Any insight you may have on your opinion/stance would be greaty appreciated. Anywho thx for the vid and the article, nice read :) (Fyi: Im a Christian as well (Protestant) God bless :) )

  11. Dear,
    fellow man of class,
    Regarding this topic on le Pr0nx I myself was raised by my momma, that porn is definitely enslaving, however, masturbation is a normal and effective way when going through puberty, Is therefore a better alternative (from a young women’s point of view) than going through with the act of said Sex and ending up with a package later. In my moral view i don’t agree with it, however i would rather (not saying i myself have acted upon said un-classy-ness) go through masturbation that be left 9 months later with a baby and having to chase down said man who acted. Because as an adolescent going through maturity, Masturbation can’t always be avoided less ye suffer the constant desire of lusting for something you want to receive but know it is wrong to do so ( at least i hope so,not at least without marriage first) So oxhorn masturbation isn’t always un-classy at least by men who have not yet discovered their inner class. I would love to har from you on this. you may contact me on my facebook or you know me on you lovely scotch and smoke rings show as RyuuWolfGirl.

  12. Edohiguma says:

    Masturbation has a physical effect. Morality has nothing to do with it, nor does it have anything to do with “emptying” yourself. It alters your brain chemistry and basically it’s a stress relief and as such serves a purpose.

    As for porn. I find porn extremely boring these days. It’s always the same thing anyway. Sure, when I was a teen it was pretty much the forbidden fruit, you wanted to have a look at it. It was normal. 20 years later I tend to shrug at it and really only delve into it when talking smack or making a stupid joke.

    Reasons are simple. 1) I’m older, finally grown up. 2) there’s a woman I love. 3) seen one naked pair of boobs, seen all of them. That’s pretty much it. We’ve seen naked butts and other body parts a million times. So what? Where’s the incentive? Where’s the novelty? It’s not “erotic”. It’s just naked. Congrats, but who cares?

    Erotic is what you don’t see, what is only hinted at. Once you get it straight in the face right away, it loses all mystery, curiosity and appeal. At least that’s how it is for me.

    As for fetishes, I disagree there Ox. I don’t think they’re learned. I mean, take me. Where would I have learned mine? Not from my parents or anybody else. I found them once, way into adulthood, and yeah, that was it.

    And since we’re throwing our religions and believes and/or non-believes around. Atheist here.

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