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Manlyfesto 4 – Propaganda & Control


When people use the word “propaganda”, they usually assume that we all have the same understanding of the word, which goes something like this: propaganda is bad, and even evil. In fact, people assume the definition is so widely understood,

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Sandusky and Sodomy

Joe Paterno

Why Child Rape at Penn State Will Happen Again Now they’re sorry. Now, they’ll promise over and over that this will never happen again. It only took world-wide media coverage. I believe these allegations of child rape never came to

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How to Deal with Sociopaths

There are two things we must do when confronted with a sociopath; punish him and isolate him from humanity and human memory. Many other responses are inappropriate and can lead to greater tragedy. I’m prompted to write by the recent

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Value Skilled Labor

Skilled labor is becoming more valuable, and we should embrace it.

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Don’t Sue. Teach Better.

“Rate my teacher” websites help hold teachers accountable for their performance, where before there was no accountability.

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Why PETA is Hilarious

PETA to call flies “Air Kittens”?

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Child Molestation Reduced if Nuclear Family Increases

A man who was a manager of the Pueblo McCain campaign office is charged with child molestation. References are at the end of this post. Don’t these idiots realize that what they do affects the people around them? The obvious

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