Reasoning Behind the Invisible Pink Unicorn

My movie The Invisible Pink Unicorn is mainly aimed at proponents of directed panspermia specifically, but also towards any in the scientific community who believe in extra terrestrials, and especially those who believe that these aliens are responsible for life on earth.

The Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU) is not my own idea, but is an idea conjured up by atheists online, who have been using it, along with the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Garage Dragon that Breathes Heatless Fire, to mock the theistic belief in an all-powerful God who made everything, but is invisible and can’t be seen or tested by man. As stated by the alt.athiestm FAQ, “The point of this silliness is to prod the theist into remembering that their preaching is likely to be viewed by atheists as having all the credibility and seriousness of [the atheists’] preaching about the IPU.”

My point is that atheists and atheistic scientists do exactly that when they espouse belief in theories like directed panspermia, and therefore are hypocrites to mock one man’s faith as “silliness” while clinging to their very own “silliness”.

I’m specifically focusing on Richard Dawkins, the golden child of scientists and atheists alike, who wrote the book The God Delusion in which he referred to the IPU when talking about things conceivable but which cannot be disproved. I don’t know Professor Dawkins personally and from what I have seen, he is a very agreeable chap. My issue is solely with his argument and using it as a basis to hold in derision those with religious inclinations, for I think his argument has a number of fatal flaws.

On one hand, Professor Dawkins has said that he does not believe in panspermia, and you can see the recording here:

(The video has since been deleted but used to live here:

In the same recording, he has this to say about God:

“[God] cannot just have happened, cannot just suddenly spring into existence de novo, it must have evolved by the same, slow, gradual process as we have seen in life on this earth… If life was created on this earth by deliberate design, then the designer must have evolved somewhere else in the universe as the end product or as the late product of some kind of evolutionary process.”

My question to Professor Dawkins is how God “cannot just have happened” but the Big Bang could. Don’t get me wrong—I think the Big Bang really did happen. I think God caused it to happen. But according to scientists, the Big Bang happened all on its own, and all of a sudden, yet scientists world-wide believe that the Big Bang explains how our universe came to be. Professor Dawkins himself had this to say about the Big Bang in the same link above:

“[The Big Bang] is not a creation by an intelligence, it is something that we don’t understand… its a coming into existence which physicists are now working on.”

Professor Dawkins affirms that the Big Bang was not done by an intelligence, but that it just happened, by means that he does not yet have an explanation for. The Big Bang was a “coming into existence” from… what? How can “it cannot just have happened” be a reasonable argument against the existence of God, when the Big Bang “just happened”?

Professor Dawkins is also offering up an “if, then” argument. He says that if life was created by an intelligence, then that life must have evolved. I want to know why. Why must it have evolved. It seems to me that if the intelligence that created us did evolve, then we find ourselves stuck in an infinite loop with no real beginning, with one evolved creature being created by another evolved creature which was created by another evolved creature, off into infinity. There is no real beginning. This is not reasonable.

Professor Dawkins affirms in another discussion that he believes extra terrestrials do, in fact, exist, and you can listen to him in this recording:

(The video has since been deleted but used to live here: In it, he had this to say:

“I suspect that on other planets there probably are beings, as I said before, which are so far advanced relative to us that they might as well be gods except for this one, absolutely crucial respect, that they came into the universe by slow, gradual degrees. They didn’t just happen. Nothing as complicated as that just happens.”

And yet the Big Bang just happened. How can he allow for the Big Bang to “just happen” and not God? I would argue that God never “just happened”, that God has “always happened”–he is infinite, had no beginning, and will have no end. Time is a human concept because we are stuck in it and it is all we know. But an omnipotent God who made everything including time is not bound by the restrictions of time, and therefore necessitates no beginning. This is the problem scientists will always have. They will always have to have a beginning, but they will never be able to offer one. They are bound by the laws of physics and by what they know, and since they know time, they insist that an infinite being must reside within it. Since their own gods—extra terrestrials and everything science can measure—also exist within time, they will never find their elusive Beginning, for all their gods had one. Only a God who had no beginning can be our real Beginning.

Lastly, and what brings Professor Dawkins directly back to my movie, is his interview with Ben Stein in his movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I am a Christian and I believe in God—there is my bias. That said, I was not impressed with Ben Stein’s movie. I thought it was manipulative and that it didn’t address the meat of the issue. The reason Expelled is worth seeing, however, is because of the interview Mr. Stein had with Professor Dawkins at the end of the film. In the interview, Dawkins admits that he does not know how life began, and it is this frankness that gives me a bit of respect for Professor Dawkins. He offers one possible explanation for how life got on this planet: aliens. “Let’s call it the ET explanation,” he says. Whether Professor Dawkins truly believes in directed panspermia—that extra terrestrials purposely seeded life onto our planet—I do not know. He seems to contradict himself. He certainly, however, thinks it is a plausible enough idea to present as an explanation for life in an interview, and there are other high profile scientists that have clung to directed panspermia, including Francis Crick, Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of the DNA double helix (video embedded below).

Despite numerous claims from people all over the earth, we have no scientific proof that anyone has ever seen an alien, an alien spacecraft, or anything else that was part of or belonged to a living creature outside of our planet. We have received no communications from any extraterrestrials since the dawn of man, despite the incessant searches for extra terrestrial communication by organizations like the SETI, which exist to do just that. And despite this complete lack of any evidence whatsoever, we have high profile scientists who believe that aliens placed life on this earth, and yet describe the idea of an omnipotent God as “silliness”. This is their Invisible Pink Unicorn.

I love my God. I believe in Jesus Christ as the one and only God, part of the divine trinity that made everything on this earth and in this universe. How did he make it? I don’t know. I’ll leave that to scientists. But I have faith that he did, and I don’t need proof—that is what faith is. Science, however, rejects faith. Science demands proof. Science is not a religion, science is not subjective, science takes theories and debunks them until they come up with fact. Believing in extraterrestrials is not science. Believing in extraterrestrials who have never contacted us and whose existence we cannot prove is faith. Scientists who ridicule believers and yet believe in extra terrestrials are hypocrites who are practicing their own faith. That is all I am trying to demonstrate with my movie.

P.S. – Here is what one scientist thought about aliens. He insists that life could not have happened by accident, so it must be aliens.

P.P.S. – This blog post was originally posted to my forum, which, due to spamming, I deleted. You can find archives pf it here.


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90 comments on “Reasoning Behind the Invisible Pink Unicorn
  1. Exarian says:

    Alright, I have a question regarding your beliefs (not a challenge, I am a christian as well.) but what exactly are your beliefs on creation? Do you believe in the literal six day creation? (I happen to, just saying)
    I saw your comment on your belief that God caused the big bang, but what form of the big bang do you refer to?
    I personally believe it as a very quick thing caused by God’s separation of light from dark. But I’m just curious on your view on it.

    On another note, I think you are a wonderful machinima artist who is doing a great job with your work. I was touched when I discovered how you give the glory to Christ at the end of your credits, in big bold letters

    God bless.

    P.S. If you choose to respond, please send a response to my youtube account (website link should be included, but here it is just in case: )

  2. Anonymous says:

    The creation of the planet states that first came the sun, than the earth, water, plants, animals THEN humans. But this is over a long time period.
    The same pattern for creation is used in the bible (And on the seventh day, he rested).
    I asked my father this question once and he told me; what is a day to God?
    If he IS infinite, with no beginning/end that we know if (And I do believe this. I’m Christian too) then time does not have the same hold over him as t does us. Though earlier in our creations, we might have believed it was literal, it probably is a metaphore or something like that. Y’know?

    And I already sent this to exarian but I wanted to put it here too.

  3. Brandon M. Dennis says:

    I do believe in the literal six-day creation. But how does Genesis start? “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” That was BEFORE the first day. So God spun the universe into existence with a bang or whatever before he started life on earth, and I do not know the time lapse between both events. I just don’t think that the Big Bang at all contradicts my faith in any way.

    The thing though is that the Bible was written for men, not for God, and yet God still chose to express himself (through men) using units of measure we could understand (like cubits) when in God’s perspective a cubit is meaningless, and he also chose to speak in relation to time that we, also, understand, like days–even though to God the measurement of a day is meaningless, for God exists beyond time. That’s why I believe in the literal, 24-hour 6-day creation.

  4. Jen, Salem OR says:

    I love how you put the IPU video together, and I hope you’ll be offering it for download on your site as I plan on sharing this with a lot of people. I know you intended this as entertainment for other believers at the expense of secular scientists but you wove in excellent arguments that I could see being useful to teens or new believers who often need to defend their faith proactivly.

    I will defenitly be passing this video on to my teen and pre-teen family members, as well as my church youth group.

    Thanks for all the hours of entertainment you’ve provided me, and may the Lord continue to work through your talents.

  5. Winterhoof says:

    Gotta admit due to the general population of the internet, making a movie like that is a lost cause to some but for most of us that actually use our thinking its rather nice to see something other then random silliness.

    I myself aren’t christian in belief (my family is though) nor atheist, but more like I take life how I think it is. I don’t take in some of the stuff from the bible, besides its a good book of guidelines (aka: Don’t be a chakkin noob to people, so to speak), but the fact there’s a god watching over us raises questions like: “If god watches us, why does horribly bad things happen to outstandingly good people, and then remarkably good things happen to the most rotten?”

    Atheism is no better, they tore out a HUGE amount of commonly-approved (willingly or not) explanations of how things are now and then try to explain that without a all-powerful being at its head.

    Thus, you get aliens, spaghetti monsters, pink unicorns that are invisible, etc, just as contrived as anything a “god” could be used to explain.

    Also, both have horrible track records for being a bit tyrannical (something from APE 3 there if you can see it), with hyper-christians and the long worn out “if you don’t believe what I say, you’re going to hell!” and atheists trying to claim they are right and you’re just a complete moron with no more IQ then what you need to tie your shoes.

    If you ask me, both of them need to shut up, leave it well enough alone, stop forcing it on others, and let those that are undecided pick out what they believe and not believe given the information and experiences they have.

    End of Story.

  6. Iceburgh69 says:

    First thing I am going to say is that it is not my intent to offend anyone. I am aware that any time one posts an observation, comment, or opinion, it inevitably offends SOMEONE, sooner or later. Law of Averages at work.

    That being said, I can understand the belief in aliens, for one reason. If life started here, the Law of Averages (as mentioned above) states that life must have started elsewhere as well.

    My views on creation are a bit different, in that I believe that we were seeded with the ultimate beginings of life and evolved from there. Be that as it may, it’s the logic of the scientific mind that allows them to believe in the existance of aliens. It is the logic of the theological mind that allows the belief in a higher, omnipotant, omnipresent intelligence.

    Again, I hope to have not offended anyone. I just wanted to point something out that I saw as having been missing and unaddressed.

  7. Fabka says:

    First of all ( just like iceburgh ) I do NOT intent to insult or offend anyone.

    And thus:
    the second first of all :I dont know in what I believe, I do know I dont believe in a god. There was a time I did. Now everybody has his own believes, is it god, is it an alien on a large crystal, or stuff about thetans.

    And I find that oxhorn has made several good points. And religious arguments and hatred torwards other religiouns will for ever be.
    There will always be a person who believes that he is right and everybody else should just go bloit them selfs if they dont believe him. And I find that wrong. He believes in allah? let him. Or whatever is your god.

    So my point? I live in belgium, I went on the pc to see oxhorns new machinema to find? A whole list of people yaying and booing? Some of them where just free mind blurs, other I found very offencive. So what oxhorn made a nice machinema about his religios idea, and how he hates how other religions (or atheism) starts insulting them ( or thats what I believe ). Does that make him a bad man? Or a good man? first of all its just a damn pic! It is meant to enjoy and if you find it offencive it is just what you made out of it. Well mostly.

    I don’t believe in a god, but I do understand that people do, and why they do it and what it is all about. It even gives support to so many people just to have faith alone.
    I did not find oxhorns movie offencive, it is however the gateway to yet another debate about it all. And on the forums I’ve seen debats about god aswell, As I saw oxhorn and another christian have 2 diffrent idea’s about there very same relgion.
    debates are fun, just don’t be insulting like :
    “hey you just lost all of my respect because of this machinema”

    I’m not making any sense am I?

    Well lets just say: the pink unicorn is any god that you have faith in (and he buggers charlie with candy mountains and banana king’s) and the oppesed (well could be any religion to) are the people who just find it needed to go insult it, or just go raving mad about it all.

    In conclusive a quote to end it all:

    “Leave oxhorn alone!! :'(“

    I really did not make any sense did I?

  8. Darksol says:

    I’m a very reasonable person, so I wouldn’t use the “infinite cycle” of evolution, or creation ,to explain how life came to be. In fact, I would not dare pretend I know how life started. No one knows. And I’m pretty sure no one will know any time soon, perhaps we will never know. So even though I have no religion, I will not say that “God” did not create life. However, I will say that I would challenge the belief that a God even exists. You cannot prove that God exists, there is no solid evidence. But don’t get me wrong, I do understand the principle of faith; that’s the whole point, that there is no evidence, you choose to blindly believe with no proof, that is true faith. But even though I understand this principle, it pains me to hear people say that God exists. At least it does pain me when they don’t specify that it exists in their minds only. But I’ll say this: just because things don’t exists, it doesn’t mean they are not real. God literally does not exist, but he/she/it is real, to the people who believe. And I’ll go on to say that concepts and people who do not exist can have the same, if not a greater effect on people in general. Does a belief in the teachings of, a God who does not exist, not often drive people to do “good”? Does it not drive them to do “evil” as well? Does it not drive them in general? I think it does, and all that without even existing. The idea is real, the fact is not. But it’s a powerful entity regardless and it has an immense effect on everyone’s lives on a daily basis. I’ve chosen not to believe in any God or any religion. Mainly because religions are organizations and their harmless faith is often twisted and tainted to the point where people no longer follow the true meaning of the teachings that religion provide and eventually become a corrupted group, not everywhere, not always, but it happens, and I refuse to be part of it. I live my life based on my own judgment. And one more thing, the bible in Christianity? Written by men of course, of that time, represents ideas that are, for the most part, obsolete. There are things to be learned from it though, because some of those ideas can be modified and translated into teachings for modern times, but none of it came from a God, it came from a human mind; a mind probably influenced by the IDEA of a God, so in a way we could say that this God is communicating with humanity. But it still does not exist, even if it is real in people’s minds. So the next time you’re going to say God exists, think about what I said. Lastly, I’ll say that the concept of religion is flawed, and often results in discrimination between religious groups which defeats the purpose of many of their teachings, which often talk about peace, order, and morality. If believing makes you happy, go ahead, but don’t keep it to yourself and don’t try to force it on others with empty threats of going to “hell” and much less with violence. Sometimes it seems to me that religion is too much trouble for what it’s worth. I think it may be keeping humanity as a whole separated, in addition to race and nationality…religion adds yet another tag on a person, which ignorant people will use to discriminate even further. People of the same race, of the same nationality, can fight over religion; and I’m saying, add to that the immoral, and to me obsolete, concepts of racism and even more, add to that discrimination by social class. I’d be happy to see religious labels disappear for good, maybe it’ll bring everyone a step closer to each other, maybe not; I don’t care either way, people have a right to make their own decisions. And to illustrate my point in simple words I’d say this: no hating from either side, mind your own business, and don’t bother others with it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Like the posters before me I too want to just point out that I am not here to offend anyone. That being said right now I personally don’t believe in a God, in my opinion it just seems like a convienient excuse for explaining things you don’t understand. For example back a couple hundred years if one of your village folk had a seizure it would be explained that satan had taken control of his soul, or some other excuse. There was no evidence for it but it satisfied people to have an answer instead of living in fear of the unknown. It is that need, I believe, that makes religion such a popular thing. You know your going to heaven after you die because you believe in god, whereas if you didn’t you would be afraid that you are in fact mortal, and this one life is actually all you have.

    But enough of my rant, again I don’t want to offend anyone. I have a question, why Christianity? There are plenty other choices of religion in the world, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Taosim, Buddhism, Paganism, you name it. In my point of view they all are just a bunch of invisible pink unicorns (who thankfully don’t gore non-believers, though the same can’t be said for some of the unicorn’s followers). So why is christianity won?

    My guess, and this is just that, a guess, is that christianity was taught to you as a child as the literal truth alone, without other religous affiliations tempting you so christianity was the obvious choice. If your parents said it was true, it simply must be.

  10. Jonathon says:

    I really enjoyed your machinima short about the Invisible Pink Unicorn. I myself am a Christian also, though a young earth creationist believing in a six day creation. I figure if its considered true by most Christians that Jesus rose from the grave in three literal earth days and not three weeks… months… years… light years…. whatever. Then its logical to believe that day means day in Genesis.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I teach geology at a community college and my degrees are also in geology. More often than not, when talking about issues in geology, like the immense age of the earth, students sometimes ask me about how they should reconcile differences between what they learn in science and what they have learned in the Bible.

    It is certianly an issue I have thought a lot about.

    The argument you bring up does a disservice to the scientific community. I would say that any scientist worth his/her salt would not believe in things like panspermia because there is little evidence to support it.

    Good science is built on observation and evidence and there is little evidence to suggest the existence of extra terrestrials. That being said, many scientist (myself included), do in fact believe in the existence of life outside of our planet. While this may be a personal belief, they would by no means claim it to be a scientific truth. For me, given the enormity of space (300 Billion stars in our galaxy alone and countless more Galaxies with billions of their own stars) as well as the way in which life developed on earth, it is probable that there is in fact other life. The distinction here is probability versus actuality.

    Until we have direct evidence, we will just have to stick with “belief” rather than certainty.

    It’s interesting though, the scientific community can describe VERY accurately how the universe evolved from the very nanosecond after the big bang happened until our present day, but there is not a single scientist that can give you an explanation for WHY the big bang happened. Perhaps with better technology we may gain the key evidence we need to explain this, but as it stands, we have nothing.

    Feel free to employ God.

    All good science and scientific theory must include a test for “wrongness” since things like Creation, God, Intelligent design, etc do not have this test for “wrongness” it is then by its very nature bad science.

    While it may turn out to be correct, scientifically, its invalid. Science is a recipe of understand built on the scientific method. I will close by quoting Galileo who said, “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”

  12. Anonymous says:


    Couple of semantic points from a friendly neighbourhood atheist:

    Panspermia is actually the theory that life is distributed through interstellar microbes.. There’s no specific reference to sentient beings. It could be lil green men but it could also be unthinking dust.

    You use the word ‘believe’ a couple of times particularly when referring to Prof Dawkins’ views:
    This, I *believe* is a good example of where theists can misunderstand atheism.

    Given the sum of scientific knowledge atm I KNOW humanss evolved from apes, I KNOW the big bang occured… If future empirical evidence proves that the big bang did not occur I would then KNOW that… To believe is to consider the veracity of something without the need for proof of any kind.. It also means that, unlike science, belief can never be disproven.. which can be a headache imho.

    Finally, going back to the big bang again: How do you know it just happened.. Like popped into existance from nothing? Science never posits that.. It just doesn’t know what happened until the tiniest fraction of a seecond after it happened so it doesn’t have a theory whch can’t be proven, tested or observed… unlike religion.

    Enjoy the movies, keep em coming :)

  13. upir-dagmire says:

    You do realize that the Big Bang model of the creation of the universe isn’t the only theory known to mankind. And as a theory, until new evidence is found that deconstructs it, it will hold.

    Also, When you look up in the skies at night to see stars you need to realize that what you are looking at is actually the past. Even light traveling at it’s speed takes a very long time to reach us. We can send as many radio signals into the black as much as we want but it will be a very long while before anyone picks up and that if anyone picks up. So it is unfair to say that sending signals is useless.

    Other then that, nice argument. But what choice did God have in creating the universe?

  14. americandude says:

    This is pseudo intellectual garbage.

    You are not as brilliantly deductive as you think you are.

  15. Alex Marra says:

    Very good read Brandon. Don’t listen to commentator “americandude”, as he says you have no intellectual meaning behind your words, yet provides no reasons as to why.

    You’ve spurred me to become more active with my faith (Catholicism) and have taught me to never stop believing. I would often times question my religion, though by your words, I don’t have to anymore. I can believe in whatever I want, be it Jesus or an Invisible Pink Unicorn. I’ve chosen my faith and I’m going to stick with it.

    In short, thank you.

  16. G says:

    First of, like everyone else, I’m not to offend anyone. Second, nice movie. And third, I thought I’d just share some newer scientific thoughts on everything being debated here, like the big bang and genesis. Before I get flamed and accused of atheism and scientific idiocy and stealing what’s-his-face’s identity, I am a Christian, believe in God, and that, somewhere down the road, He started the chain of creation. Now, the science:
    7-day thing- Time is relative and affected by gravity. The more mass an object has, the more time is affected as u get closer to it. The sun affects the flow of time more than a marble. Therefore, one scientist decided to see how long the universe’s creation took from the Big Bang’s standpoint. If you were standing on the tiny point in space that supposedly contained all the matter in this universe, lo and behold, everything would play out just like it was described in Genesis, from the order of creation to the number of days Earth’s creation took. From the Big Bang’s, and, conceivably, God’s standpoint, Earth’s creation took 7 24-hour periods. Neat.
    What caused the Big Bang-“M Theory”- By one theory that’s less provable than alien’s existence/nonexistence, our universe is a large 3d “brane” moving through a “void” containing many other branes with universes in them, like a bunch of cardboard boxes in a long tube. Gravity’s still in effect, so these branes are slowly pulled toward each other. When they touch..BOOM!…it’s a Big Bang in each of them. The universes expand, hit the edge of the brane, collapse due to gravity, and, right about when they form a single point, the branes touch again, starting everything over. I won’t say that i have upmost faith in this thoery, as there’s absolutely no evidence to support it, it it’s an idea.
    And finally, possible proof of divine intervention!- IF you take the Bible, tho original Bible, the Torah, which has no spaces, and follow a pattern of letters, such as right 1 , down 1, record, right 1, down 1, record, you will get amazing results. Doing this has found detailed information on Hitler, his Jew camps, and Roosevelt’s assassination! Call me crazy, but that seems a little bit unlikely to be a coincidense…
    There are more scientific studies that are confirmed in the Bible, meaning that science and God really aren’t fierce enemies. But, there comes a point where you either believe that creation is just a bunch of infinite loops, or a higher being created existence, and I would undoubtedly go with the latter.

  17. Din says:

    Well on one hand I’m interested in your views but on the other I’m disappointed in your own hypocrisy by mocking atheists who mock religion.

    First of all, I am not a Catholic, nor am I an atheist. I have my own beliefs. Do I think there is some higher power out there? Maybe. Is it perfect, all-knowing and all-seeing, with the power to call stars and planets into existence by a mere thought? No.

    You see, you lack one thing: logic. You say that the belief in aliens is the same as the belief in God as there is no tangible proof that either exist. Yet they are still very far apart.

    Extraterrestrials are logical. I’m not saying that they do, 100% exist . I’m saying that it is logical to believe that they do. Think about it. In our galaxy alone, there are over 200 billion stars. That’s 200,000,000,000,000. We know that at least one of those stars has a planetary system that contains life. Ours. What are the chances that out of 200 billion stars only one contains life. Life can live in extreme conditions, possibly conditions that don’t even exist on Earth.

    But, a perfect being is not logical in my book. If we take the Bible as truth then we run into hundreds of contradictions. Why would God create Satan? He would already have known that he would be evil. We could even go as far to ask, why would God create the anything at all? Was he bored? How could he be bored if he is perfect? He would be eternally content with anything. He just wanted to? Again, a perfect being does not want anything. He has everything even if he has nothing. No matter how you slice it there is no way that he can exist without a slew of contradictions existing right along with him (or her depending on your views).

    So how did everything happen? I can’t tell you that. NO ONE can. There is not a single person on this Earth who can tell you how the world was created without also giving numerous contradictions or missing information.

    Because of this I don’t believe anyone has the right to say that one person is one hundred percent right or wrong. These are my beliefs. You may see them as you wish, analyze them and study them. You will probably find contradictions here as well. No one is perfect. I am no exception. Neither are you Oxhorn.

  18. Psyko says:

    I believe in the stories of the Bible. I’m a Christian as well, though I’m probably not the best or even one you want to talk to about the Bible as I have a problem remembering anything. I agree whole heartedly with you Oxhorn. Anyone who says that religion is incredibly stupid or silly and childish is a hipocrit (hope I spelled that right). If you can’t prove it, you take it on faith. The comment “What’s a day to God?” is something that was pointed out to me several times. He called the light day and the darkness night. He could’ve made the days very short and made everything, then again he is an all-powerful God. If I can create an world on paper in less than 5 minutes (artist for 20 years) and Oxhorn can create an incredibly detailed movie in a week, then God can create an entire universe in whatever time he wants it to take.

    I believe in the 6-day creation, but how long that day was I can’t say. I’ll try to remember to ask Christ or an angel when I see them when my time comes.

    I’m also a type of person who will not push my beliefs on someone, but I sure will fight like a rabid dog if someone calls me an idiot for believing in God.

  19. Anonymous says:

    and din, God created Lucifer as an arch angel and Lucifer got greedy and wanted God’s “throne”. God knows the future, but what would be the purpose of creating any life? So we learn. God gave us free will and allowed us to learn. He gave us rules to follow, but it’s up to us to follow them. With our free will we decide whether or not we love and accept God. Much the same way a parent doesn’t interfere in a lot of “life lessons” God will not interfere in anything that we need to learn. We may get suggestions and tips, but he loves us so much that he wants us to love him on our own. Your parents knew a lot of times what you were going to do before you did it. Sometimes you were stopped, like sticking a penny in a light socket…other times you had to learn the hard way, life lessons.

    The belief in extra terrestrials is still based on faith. How do we obtain logic? We learn by experience. Speaking as a computer technician, I’ve seen numerous instances where logic doesn’t apply. Even in life and death situation, logic doesn’t always apply. Logically, a man walking on crutches with a brittle bone disease can’t lift heavy objects without severe damage. In a threatening situation, my 60 year old father lifted up my 350 lb butt off the floor and got me to the hospital, when normally it’s me taking care of him and rushing him to the hospital.

    Logically a manufacturing mode problem (which indicates a flaw in the rom software on the motherboard) shouldn’t be fixed by removing the BIOS password jumper, but when I was the first one to discover it at Dell Tech Support I used it many times and it worked.

    Logic is not always right, most things either have to be experienced or taken on faith. I’ll stick to my faith.

    I don’t mean to offend, but my point is that lots of things have to be taken on a faith base.

  20. Sam says:

    Dawkins never says that he believes in ETs, He says if they exist (hypotheticals ftw).

  21. Sam says:

    “old men who have brittle bone disease cannot lift people” is not a logical statement, it is a logical fallacy. (argumentum ad ignorantiam)

  22. Israel says:

    I only wanted to mention that your conception of science is being marred by the beliefs of certain misguided scientists, and comments made by people on their beliefs that also happen to be scientists.

    Science deals with, and only with, that which can be unproven. Anything which cannot be unproven falls in the realms of philosophy, theology or madness, depending on what you’re analyzing. Many scientists have fallen into this pitfall and thrown out conjectures that want to pass as science, but are nothing more than untestable speculation and thus fall on the same category as Aliens on Earth, Conspiracy Theories and Supreme Beings.

    That being said, it is pretty solid fact that the Bible’s contents are mostly fictional stories with a moral, exaggerated past events, or attempts at manipulating human behavior by the countless editors through Supreme Commands. Anybody who takes the Bible’s contents literally and is okay with it is either extremely morally ambiguous (God commands murder and rape in many many occasions, to cite a few atrocities), very selective with what parts of the Bible are “valid”, or simply doesn’t bother to question anything in their existence.

    Believe in a higher power if you will, live by the teachings of love and kindness to those around you by all means! These things are awesome and I hope they bring you and your friends happiness. Just don’t read the Bible as if it was historical fact, for all you are doing is continuing a legacy of ignorance and backwards thinking which disappearance is long past due.

  23. Oger says:

    Well, I guess you wanted some reactions. You seem to have them.

    I see that Charlie is in the hands of an angry pink unicorn who causes death of those who challenge her. Good luck Charlie!

    Do you think you could go back something funny now?

  24. Steve says:

    It is sad and unfortunate that your video reinforces the violent and war-like view of Christianity by first mocking and then murdering the representations of people who oppose your beliefs. Its this really how you want to represent your faith?

  25. jasics says:

    I always liked the Taoist view. We create terms like God so our minds can handle it – but I don’t think anyone truly spiritual or religious thinks God is an old man with white robes sitting on clouds in the “heavens above us.” These are al familiar images to us. Maybe the Big Bang is God. It is certainly just as strange and curious to ponder the vastness of the universe and its beginnings (and before!) as it is to ponder our own personal meaning of existence.

  26. Inspired Ogre says:

    Heya, Im not going to read the whole discussion here, as Ive had and been a part of it before.

    In your post, you have said, “This is the problem scientists will always have. They will always have to have a beginning, but they will never be able to offer one.”

    I offer a different view. This “problem” is not a problem, its the central concept of faith in science.

    Uh oh, “faith in science?” I dont know what the dogmatic term for this is, I choose not to put another term on it (Humanist, athiest, etc.) because Ive come to accept that athiesm is faith.

    I have faith that the answers are NOT religious, spiritual, or extre-terrestrial (as in alien intellegence, not involving space.) I belive there are mundane answers for all things (mundane as in not magical, religious, spiritual, or whatever.) Nothin just happened, cause and effect go back and back and back to infinity.

    That is faith, because there can never be an explanation for this causality back into infinity, and forward forever.

    The central issue, what we as humans get caught up on, is not “How” its “why.” People with traditional faith have a hard time accepting that there may not be a why. And people who are usually called “faithless” have a hard time accepting that there has to be a “why.”

    My answer is really anit-climatic. Why? Because. It just, IS.

    There is no start, and there is no end. Even though there is a start and an end for us, our planet, our universe, or whatever, that doesent mean there is a start and end for all things.

    There are people on both sides who belive what they belive, and when they stand at the edge of that belife, and someone stands beside them, and points out, and says, “The answer is there” it is like looking into the void, where all you hold dear is nothing. You cant blame them for being uncomfortable with that.

    But to me, that void IS comfort, and it IS terror. The void of oblivion after death (as far as your conciousness is concerned) terrifies and comforts me, and I am sure you pity and envy me for it. Just as your life after death terrifies and comforts you, and makes me pity and envy you.

    And yet, for all of this, I accept and congradulate you on your faith, it is yours, and dearest to you among all things. I will never tell you you are wrong, or silly, (If you think thats what I was saying, read again, I used the terms “I belive” over and over for a reason, I cannot know, I just have faith.) I will never tell you that god is false. And for that respect, all I need is the same in return.

    To attack another’s faith because they belive something other than what you belive.

    This movie was awesome, and funny as hell… But if we want to talk about ‘why’ and ‘in the beginning’ I have a question for you.

    “Why, in the beginning, was this d00d in that library argueing with the engineers, anyway?”

    I postulate that, perhaps, he should not have been… Except, in this movei, the IPU does exist…. and I assure you, if I ever get gored by the IPU, Ill belive right quick.

    Inspired Ogre

  27. Iceburgh says:

    As comical as Douglas Adams was (may he rest in peace), I think he managed to create an intresting viewpoint. We have all of the answers. Do we have the right questions? The answers are all around us. They’re there forthe discovering. A few hundred years ago, it was believed that spoiled meat turned into flies. It was the right answer to the wrong question.

    Maybe God was a person who linked the answers to the questions in his own universe, and created this one? Maybe God IS the linking of the answer and the question? Maybe we’re the products of each other’s deranged imagination. Who knows? Honestly, who cares? Do you believe in something? Anything?

    Mankind has always needed faith. Started with the earth religions. The god of the hunt became the god of the dead for a reason, and the goddess of the earth became the goddess of life and the grain and such for a reason.

    Anyway, my faith is in my ability to defend people’s right to believe in something. Anything.

    Oh, and an FYI, many of the greatest scientific minds throughout history, all the way to now, have been religious, seeingthe equasions and such as the remarkable workings of God, and thus reconsiling their work with their beliefs.

  28. Simo says:

    Some so called scientists definetly fail to play their own part in things because of the kind of things you describe. But this is something that also other people like you sometimes cause to happen when you start to think about things like Big Bang and how they affect your faith. I actually see them so that neither faith nor science actually matters to me if the topic is like the origin of life on Earth here. There’s little that can be found scientifically and the nature of that science is that the new foundings could always make them obsolete. It is then true that even if there seems to be some reason in one theory today, they might be equal with “God theories” to future man. Understanding something like this can make science more valuable than faith however, because not placing a strong faith into any idea specifically makes our thinking free to obtain more knowledge or understand it better with “proofs” or reasons for it.

    You think maybe that in religion this may also happen, if you say faith is subjective, but I think it is rarely actualized anywhere. Even in science, called objective, the person would have to do his own studies before he could have some idea of it of his own. The science on media works for its own purpose.

    Then to play with some ideas that I do not say are scientific (or facts we now know for certain), or which I do not take on faith myself, I would like to say something of the few things you mentioned. The base concern here for me is that in this argumentation about the origin of life and universe we are distracted by too many non-relevant details that mostly have to do with God. Since even if everything was an intelligent creation there is nothing that would make us relate it to other things Christian. Also I am not going to talk about aliens for because of the same reason the idea about them always becomes very silly.

    You say that it is not reasonable that there is no beginning for life because each life is the reason for the proceding life. It is then true to posit that “infinity” and “God” are equally vague “solutions” that only express the impossibility of knowing something for real. But infinity has more reason to it because there is no gross dissimilarity between one cause and effect, unlike when you say that our beginning is due to something that does not have a beginning itself. Actually the idea is that life itself has always existed, and it could have as its base all the matter that could be infinite too. For example surely you know that the Big Bang has also been accompanied by theories of Big Crunches and that they could follow each other infinitely in “oscillatory universe”. There is a difference here, you see, because we already know something about life and matter and saying that there is something infinite about them does not require introducing a completely unknown entity to explain them.

    Important question here is do we think that life could procede from something that is not living, indeed a no-life, and to religious it is a problem to think whether their God is alive in that way or not. Anyway then there would definetly not be a reason for life having to move from one part of space to another, as there is enough no-life everywhere. And if it were so the science could possibly learn to make its own organic matter from inorganic at some point and we would know this.

    It is more interesting and much more difficult however to think where intelligence and the human consciousness have come from. I do not think that science could ever get even near to the bottom of this, and it seems almost impossible that any other creatures than those with that intelligence already could produce an intelligent offspring. There are like thousands species on the planet and only one of them has evolved this kind of life and so forth. I am not sure what to say to this now other than that if the consciousness again was infinite, like above, it does not necessiate a God.

    One aspect in this infinity of intelligence itself is that it is something our minds could learn to know better because they are the same. I think religous ideas are varied in this question of is it possible that an intelligent God had created our intelligence so that only he could understand us (I do not see ofcourse how he could do that either, if his intelligence is so much different), but we could never learn to understand anything about his mind.

    I better stop now and go raid more. Take care.

    EU Ravenholdt

  29. Anonymous says:

    Panspermia is not the dominant belief among scientists. For you to go and infer that is about the same as saying that Mormonism (not the actual Latter Day Saints, but the polygamist one) is a good representation of christianity.

    The reason why scientists disregard god is because god is a crutch to the pursuit of knowledge. Humanity created god to serve as the almighty answer to any and all questions that they have regarding the environment around them. Now that science has answered a very large portion of these questions, the need for a god is becoming less and less. If all people were truly so ignorant as to have full, unquestioned faith in god (as what the evangelists would like), then there would be no more scientific development as all questions could be answered simply as god.

    The reason why panspermia even exists as a belief at this point is simply because the probability that god exists is so small when compared to the probability of possible alien life (let along alien life significantly more developed than ours) existing in the galaxy, and then coming along to spread the bacteria that started life on this planet.

    I find it funny that you quote Dawkins of all people when he’s an adamant believer that it’s merely highly unprobable that god exists, and that if he did, then god had no direct involvement with the creation or development of humanity on Earth.

  30. Matt says:

    I don’t know, dude, I think there’s a difference between speculating and believing in something. Saying that you think that aliens might have led to life on earth, especially for Dawkins who knows his stuff scientifically, sounds like speculation.

    It’s kinda hard to explain… I like Donkey Kong 64, I enjoy it, despite knowing that it’s not a very good game. (None of this ‘a game is good if you enjoy it’ crap – popcorn’s tasty, but that doesn’t make it good food.) I think it’s like that with Dawkins, and with other scientists that put forward hypotheses for which there’s no evidence to say anything – they believe it, but they know that it’s not true. I don’t think it’s hypocritical of them – Dawkins in particular seems to reserve his ire for people who don’t make the distinction between believing and knowing and use their indifference against others.

    But I like your movies, anyway.

  31. Warbaine says:

    [If god watches us, why does horribly bad things happen to outstandingly good people, and then remarkably good things happen to the most rotten?]
    This is one of the biggest and most logical argument to Christianity but is easily explained:
    Why are you blaming god for what people do with there freewill?

  32. Andre' Betita says:

    Oxhorn, dude, I’ve always been a fan of your movies. And truth be told, I’m glad that such an intellectual conversation is going on here. I hope you’re reading these comments by all these people, because your expression of your beliefs reminds me of how I used to be.

    I will not go into the logic of my beliefs anymore. Everybody else has done that. I will just say that I do not believe in the existence of God, but neither do I believe in his non-existence. I just had to say that so you know which perspective I’m coming from.

    I told you that I’m a fan of your movies. But this one disturbs me. You paint the image of a god that kills unbelievers, with all the blood and stuff. And then you have Christians praising you for this video. You have Christians saying that they will show this video to the teens and pre-teen members of their families. Christians, who are supposed to believe in “kindness” and “forgiveness”.

    Believe what you want, Oxhorn. But be careful how you express those beliefs. And I think this should apply especially to a man who has considerable influence on the net. Just think about what you’re causing other Christians to think about when you glorified such a cruel act by a supposedly benevolent being.

    Like I said, I don’t believe in the existence of God. Just think about how unjust it would be if my unbelief is reason enough for me to get stabbed.

  33. Jonathon says:

    I think that the whole impaling of the engineers was a humorous way of showing how some things can be so intensely obvious, yet people will blindly ignore them even if its shoved into their abdomen.

  34. jsenek says:

    “Scientists who ridicule believers and yet believe in extra terrestrials are hypocrites who are practicing their own faith.”

    Agreed, although I wish you had stated this at the beginning of your post to avoid some of the flak you may receive. I believe that you know that most scientists are rational and do not see any evidence to support extra terrestrials, just as they see no evidence to support God.

    My main concern with your post is that you do not seem to understand the Big Bang theory and how some scientists theorize that asking what came before it is nonsensical since it coincided with the creation of time itself and other scientists theorize there was indeed something before it that caused it. Please see wikipedia for a more in depth explanation.

    Also, you may enjoy looking up the “cosmological argument” (aka Prime Mover) and why it doesn’t work logically or scientifically. Smarter people have explained it better than I can and much of their wisdom is stored again in wikipedia.

    Make sure you’ve read up on your facts so that the next time some snarky atheist jumps on your case, you can have some informed and well reasoned retorts.

    … and if I misunderstood anything that you said, I apologize.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I have read most of the posts, and do understand many views. Everyone has the answers and are willing to believe they’re right and everyone else is wrong. Truth is based more on beliefs, facts are based on evidence. Truth: I believe in God and the existence of the kingdom of heaven. Fact: I have never seen God himself, if I did then it means I’m dead. Truth: I have seen things that can’t be explained by science in any sense, so I believe that it relates to God. Fact: My vision was working perfectly.

    As for the killing of non-believers that some people are commenting on. There have been killings in the name of God since the beginning of time. In the Bible there are stories in which it was stated that God killed many civilizations that tried to oppose the Israelites, before they turned on God. In history books there are stories of times of people before and after the birth and even the resurrection of Christ in which there were wars and killings in the name of God.

    Yes we Christians are taught not to kill, steal, and among other things but we are also taught to stand up for our religion and to love and honor God. Does that mean kill non-believers? Not necessarily. If a non-believer shoots at you for your religion and you shoot back and kill them in self defense, as long as it is proven self defense, even U.S. law will understand it.

    I’ve worked with atheists, and even people who believed in the whole Wiccan religion. The only belief that has bothered me is when Oprah Winphrey said that she believes happiness is the key to heaven and eternal life (not the part that makes me angry) AND the key to happiness is materialism.

  36. Jody says:

    Way to go, Oxhorn. You’ve just labeled yourself a bible-flogger. The only people that like religion injected into their pop culture are the ones that are being pandered to.

    Stay out of that arena. It’ll just cost you viewers.

  37. Jody, again. says:

    Oh. And if you are going to take issue with something Professor Dawkins said, may I suggest you listen to him directly, and not rely upon what Ben Stein says he said. Context is everything.

  38. El Dictatorrr says:

    It has already been said so I won’t add to the discussion other than to point out that Dawkins is actually being laughed at a lot in the scientific community. He’s not as much of a golden child as he is a pop-evolution-icon. People who know relatively little flock to him the most.

  39. Weber says:

    I want to point out something about the Big Bang theory, if you wouldn’t mind. Now, “they” always do seem to use the excuse ‘it just happened’ about the Big Bang, because generally speaking the image it brings to your mind is an eternal lack of existence, and then one day BOOM! Everything existed.

    The distinction I’d like to make is this: Before the Big Bang, both time and space were irrelevant questions. The Big Bang…well, created time and space if you will. There was no eternal empty plain waiting for its moment of glory when everything would suddenly exist. There was no eternity, there was no plain, there wasn’t a ‘was’.

    What I’m getting at here is that the Big Bang didn’t ‘just happen’ because the idea of anything ‘happening’ is impossible before and during this supposed event. You can’t even argue that it ‘just’ happened or it happened gradually over a period so long our little minds can’t have grasped it, because time didn’t exist.

    Honestly, the whole concept tends to make it even more frustrating than it was frustrating when we all imagined it ‘just happening’. And you know what? I say don’t worry about it.

    Really! Just don’t worry about it! Everyone can play nice and share toys because everyone actually believes the same thing about this: Before God, before the Big Bang, before Unicorns (pink, insubstantial, invisible, and otherwise), before every minute detail our brains are designed by creation OR evolution… was something that we are physically, psychologically, and philosophically incapable of understanding.

    It’s useless to argue for or against a point of view that’s inherently flawed, not by your belief but simply by your ability to understand it. Pick which one you like for whatever reason and resume fighting about the stuff that happened after that moment, because stuff actually happened then. Got it? There wasn’t a ‘happen’ to worry about or even a ‘before’. Now play nice and worry about souls, or molecules, or the environment, or whatever was written on your soapbox before this.


  40. Brandon M. Dennis says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me everyone! I am enjoying the responses a lot :)

  41. Weber, again. says:

    The link goes to a mock-up comic book cover I did when we covered the ‘how did life start?’ question in Earth History. I forgot to address the question of life earlier, so caught up in Physics and Astronomy as I was.

    BTW- I promise this will make more sense.

    It actually -is- possible for life to ‘just happen’. My Murcheson Meteorite comic (above link) also pokes fun at the idea of our planet being inoculated with life, but as many posters above me have commented, the scientific community sadly does NOT generally believe in little green men intentionally doing so.

    In any case, for organisms to exist you need cells, cells need proteins, proteins need amino acids, and amino acids need molecules. Lab experiments have proven that amino acids can spontaneously form in conditions with building blocks (like the ocean) and electrical current (like lightning). Once you have amino acids, proteins will naturally form and likewise in the proper conditions cells can form from those.

    So life is accounted for by science without little green men or deities, though I’d like to say religion still has it’s place- People still need a ‘why’ don’t we?

    I only wanted to point out that science -does- have a workable explanation without infinite loops. The link goes to a wikipedia article on the guy who proved amino acids can form from inorganic compounds.

  42. Anonymous says:

    If you want to criticize an idea it is important to address the idea directly, and not the person who stated it. You have objections to the idea of evolution, this much is clear. Richard Dawkins does indeed promote evolution in his professional life. But you cannot refute the idea of evolution by drawing attention to foibles in Mr. Dawkins’ speech. Evolution, along with all other scientific ideas, stands or falls on its own evidence, not the claims of any authoritative individual, nor a council of such people, nor a majority, nor a down-trodden minority. It is not the words of Mr. Dawkins, nor of Mr. Darwin which make evolution a scientific reality. They may be wrong (and they frequently are). But evolution does just fine on the evidence. Along the same lines, let us give poor Mr. Dawkins a break shall we? Just in regards to The Big Bang? It is important to keep in mind that science is hard and difficult and takes a long long time to learn. Scientists have specialties because no one can learn it all. Mr. Dawkins’ specialty is not cosmology, and for that reason he has always avoided speaking with a tone of authority about subjects like The Big Bang. I understand your confusion, dear Brandon. Origins is origins. But that’s not the way scientists approach the problems. The origin of life is one question, considered by one set of scientists. The ultimate origins of the universe is another question, generally with a different set of scientists pondering. If you fault Mr. Dawkins’ scientific opinions about The Big Bang it’s like blaming the plumber for an electrical problem. Please let me be clear: I’ve read a lot of Dawkins, but I have never seen him express a real scientific opinion on The Big Bang. He discusses it but only in the way that you and I do – as something that is beyond our particular sphere of knowledge.

    Anyway, good luck in your future endeavors. I’ve always been a fan of your art, but I like my art without quite so much message. So carry on with the good word and the good works. Carry on without me.

  43. Andre' Betita says:

    To Jonathon:

    Yes, unbelief despite how obvious the thing is, I got that (though I don’t think that the existence of God is obvious). But in any case, that could have been shown with the IPU prancing around the room and the engineers still not seeing it. Or with supernatural stuff happening all over the room, like, I don’t know, curtains splitting in two (Matthew 27:51) or a hand writing something on the wall (Daniel 5:5), and the engineers still not believing. Why, of all possible portrayals, did it have to be the one that involves killing?

    To Anonymous (who said “If a non-believer shoots at you for your religion and you shoot back and kill them in self defense…”):

    But the thing is, the engineers weren’t exerting the slightest bit of effort to physically harm the hatted man. Yet they get impaled. How does that honor a God who is supposed to be “loving” and “just”?

    I’m not trying to bash Oxhorn’s religion here, or anyone else’s for that matter. If anything, I’m trying to point out a warped view of spirituality so it can be fixed. Like I said earlier, believe what you want, just be careful how you express that belief. I wouldn’t have had a problem with the video, no matter how different my belief is, if it hadn’t killed three people that I felt were somehow meant to represent people like me.

    Now that I think about it, the video kinda looks like a reversal of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Book of Daniel, Chapter 3). Instead of saving these men, God killed them.

    Please think about it Oxhorn. What you did to preach your faith was no better than what Nebuchadnezzar did to those three men.

  44. Roxas_X1 says:

    I gotta be honest… I do not believe that there is a intelligance that guided our creation. At least, not in the same way that (from my admittidly limited faith) the Christian Faith explains it.

    We have established that there are about 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 other star systems out there. And I’d say, chances are at least 1/10000000th of those have at least 1 planet that can support life in a fashion similar to ours.

    So, in that situation, I believe that if there was a higher intelligance behind it all… I doubt very much that it (could be a he, she, or a combination of the two… or something we can’t comprehend) created all that just for us. That is just human pride that makes us want to think that.

    So, the question remains… if not us, who the ‘eck did this greater intelligance make it all for. And what the buick are they gonna do when they reach their destiny o.o make more universes of existance? Conquer this one? Make cheesecake healthy and a required part of a human diet?!

    Who knows. But I hope we find out someday. Just to laugh at all the people who did not believe in the IPU.

  45. Anonymous says:

    As I see it, Humanity is – in it’s current state – flawed. It was not all too long ago we “had” tails and ate bananas. I could describe myself as a non-believing believer, I believe (as I crudely stated above) that life on our planet evolved. Why? I simply believe that the proof for this is accurate. I believe that something – a God – made life, and existence, possible in its enormous complexity. I can find it hard to accept that a supernatural being of any kind or shape created everything and then (in simple words) just abandoned it. The explanation we get for this is the “Free Will”, which is not always easy to accept, yet I can accept that it may be the will of God because it is important to allow oneself to believe.

    I believe that no religion gives us the final truth. No. The final explanation to everything is beyond any one religion, but traces from all “honest” religions.

    It just isn’t nice to claim that someone else is a moron and all his beliefs are rubbish.

    With that said I have to point out that aliens most likely aren’t anything like what we may or may not think they are. They can be lifeforms with no more IQ than a mushroom’s or (as someone stated) god-like and superitelligent creatures.

    I hope no one took offense in any possible way. I can only defend my words with vague explanations concerning the complexity of my own beliefs as this is merely a bad attempt to describe my point of view.

    P.S. I know how flawed my arguments may seem. D.S.

    Lastly I wish congratulate Brandon M. Dennis for yet another excellent machinima.

  46. Koi says:

    Dear Oxhorn. Thanks for that great machinima, I wonder though how many of your subscribers understoof the “Charliiieee” 😉

    I appreciate that you offer a platform to discuss the topic of your movie, and I gladly accept it.

    First off, I am no christian and have personally ridiculed them quite some time ago. I didn’t seperate them at all, but I am learning to draw a line between those that tolerate others beliefs and those that use their influence nefariously, for instance the pope concerning birth control and similar issuis. Since you are most likely not catholic, it wont matter to you that much, but I think you got my point.

    Now we had the word likely already, and I’ll stick to that: It is most likely there is extraterrestial life. It is most likely that there are millions of planets out there we, or life similar to us, could inhabit.
    I don’t really think we came from out there, my personal belief(!) is that life came to existance by chance, having the right conditions at the right time in the right place. That could be happening, given some unimaginable amounts of time, on a lot of planets. Even if you take the concept of a Creator, why settle for only one world? I think it is proven that there are a whole bunch of galaxies out there. If God had settled with one world only, why not just make a single solar system and be fine with it?
    Since this belief is in scientistic perception most, and i mean MOST likely, any scientist wold be inscientific not to believe in the existence of aliens.
    This formula can not be applied to the believe in a God, since something that has to exist beyond scientific models wont be able to be measured even in it’s likelieness.

    Where religions ends is when it collides with science, at least for me. Since we believe to know how thunder and lightning works, Gods like Thor and Zeus are outdated. I think you would agree with that, for if a Creator beyond rules existed, science does not contradict you in any way, and God would just have created this set of rules.

    Yet, science itself can be regarded as a religion as well in my opinion. When it comes to string theory, quantum mechanics and even more crude stuff, we rely on models we believe(!) are right. It often happens in science that a theory prooves wrong when a phenomenon happens that is not explainable by this theory, so you got to make a new one to believe into until this also prooves wrong. this is what makes it a religion to my eyes, yet also distinguishes it from all of them by accepting corrections. To come back to our lovely pope, that medieval bullshit (sorry) needs a revision, wouldn’t it?

    Thats my 2 cents, thanks for reading all of it. Excuse my english if you find it hard to read, I’m no native. I’ll be checking back for replies if there’ll be some 😉

  47. Hoglymogly says:

    No credible scientist says that life 100% came from outer space. the idea that their are other life out their is down to sheer statisics and it is possible considering the vast number of planets even in our own galaxy which orbit their sun within a distance to allow liquid water to form.
    We could also be alone it does not matter their no evidence for either and until alien life is proven i do think believe aliens exist the furthest i would go is alien life is possible with no degree of certainty.
    If your god is real and did create everything why is the andromeda galaxy going to colide with our own in a few bilion years?
    Science does not deal is absolutes outside of mathematics.
    I have seen the idea that certain materials needed for life could have been brought here on an asteroid of some kind, but until evidence is shown that this has happened no one is saying it is true.
    Abiogenesis actually has evidence behind it unlike the “rock with aliens on it” idea which i cannot explain here but their are many books on the subject that i think you would find very interesting.

    The core argument to be had here is that science has not discovered an answer yet and you are absolutley certain in your beliefs no matter what the evidence says, there is nothing wrong with not knowing somthing but it seems alot of people would rather have some answer than no answer at all.

    As a joke point what about if your god is real but he choose to use the aliens with a rock theory to populate the planet?
    or cant he do that? no he can do anything right?

    Keep up the machinima its great and the Glory goes to You!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I have something to say that happened a few years ago in a church.A woman entered the church and inside of here were coming out some weard voices.And she said with some kind of scary voice to a sister (i dunno the word for the sister in english)anyway…she said “Clare your next“.That told me my friends in school couse half of them were there and that said a teacher too.

    So i dont know what that should mean she was possesed by satan or maybe i really think that has something to do with god some say good cant exist without evil.

    I am a non-believing believer too and ask me how the now how the universe was created…BUT everything has an origin.You know chicken from egg,egg from chicken.

    Well that is it and btw Oxhorn nice video 😀 keep it coming

  49. techtree says:


    I really liked the movie. It was funny and provacative and it apparently has got people thinking (which, in my opinion, is always a good thing).

    Reading your suppliment here I want to say “bravo!”.

    While I do not share your beliefs (I tend to waffle between athiest and agnostic), I am impressed with how you have intelligently expressed your views and beliefs as compared to others.

    I think you have a sound argument and it made for a great plot to drive the IPU movie.

    I respect your point of view and your beliefs. We are all hypocrits on some level, but scientists mocking and ridiculing theists for their beliefs crosses the line (just as much as when theists ridicule scientists for theirs).

    Keep up the good work. I am a big fan.

    Let he is without sin cast the first stone. Live long and prosper.

  50. techtree says:

    Bah! I messed up my ending quotes…sucked what little subtle meaning there was right out of it.

    Like a mute owl I left out the “who” in my biblical reference.

    That’s what I get for not checking my work before posting.

  51. Marc Forrester says:

    Honestly! This is an answered question. Rincewind dropped his sandwich while visiting the creation of the world. It is written, after all.

  52. MissLCB says:

    I read some of this disscussion, then got lost and couldn’t read it all.

    I thought this video was really good because it’s something I experience everyday, especially in my family who put me down for believing in God. I believe that he created the world in 6 days. Surely if he is powerful enough to save me, he is powerful enough to do that.

    The only bad thing i thought was that the unicorn killed the people who didn’t believe in him. Sure, this would have ‘technically’ happened eventually but it didn’t have to be shown so graphically there, just to make the point.

    I just wanted to say: well done Oxhorn for the amazing machinima you make. I think it’s amazing that you give the glory to Christ, when so many people take if for themselves. But he is indeed worthy of all the glory.

    Take Care.

  53. Fatninja says:

    I don’t want to offense any one!
    The scientists who believe in “time” are hypocrites for as the movie stated “You are a fool for believing in something that can’t be proven” (or something along those lines) and yet, we have no proof of “time”, for if we did we would be traveling through it and we haven’t seen any one from the future. I am a Christian too but Satan and The fallen ones probably do not live in the core of the planet and god might have made more humans on different planets so if we have nuclear wars we wouldn’t go completely into extinction and no humans left. Also the humans who are on other planets are probably in the medieval ages.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Oh, dear. I’m practically sure that almost everything I could have said to correct the small misconceptions has already been said.

    I am only left with this. Take everything you read anywhere on the internet (here included) about anything remotely scientific with a grain of salt. (Except, of course, if you find them in good trustworthy sites (of actual scientific institutions).)
    A lot of people have opinions or thing they know things, and will present them as ‘fact’.

    My advise is for you to read a (few) good book(s) on the issue of the origins of the Universe, Life, etc. I’ll try to find a good one to recommend to you.

    This is particularly important because you seem to have taken your understanding of the current scientific theories from questionable sources.

    – Robin Burgess

  55. Psyko says:

    K, first off. The whole charrrlieee reference is funny considering where it came from. Second, as I posted I believe in God. The story of the beginning of time is all a debate as there is no proof other than the beliefs. Nobody actually saw what happened, I respect all the statements though and it has interested me. I always try to keep an open mind even though I believe in God. I’m gonna change the subject just slightly, as I have a question mostly for those who don’t believe in the existence of a greater spiritual existence (God). What happens after you die? I personally believe your spirit goes to heaven, but I’ve always been interested in the reasonings behind other beliefs. Next question, how would you explain so many proven hauntings of places?

    The reason I’m asking these questions is that we all can agree there is different stories behind life. I still don’t believe we evolved from monkeys though. Think about it, from the scientific point of view we started from a single cell organism, that organism split into multiple organisms and over a span of many many years joined into a fish like creature. Until at least one fish like creature crawled out to become mammal. If life was from a single organism, shouldn’t all life be the same? One single-cell organism has the genetic material for specific life, and therefore in my understanding should only be able to create one single form of life.

    On the flip side, (I know I seem to be arguing with myself, kinda like playing “devil’s advocate” as an old teacher called it.) How would someone explain the comparison between human and other primate skeletal structures?

    I don’t pretend to understand God’s reasoning behind anything he does, I just accept it.

  56. Anonymous says:

    “Jody said…
    Way to go, Oxhorn. You’ve just labeled yourself a bible-flogger. The only people that like religion injected into their pop culture are the ones that are being pandered to.

    Stay out of that arena. It’ll just cost you viewers.
    July 17, 2008 1:32 PM

    Jody, again. said…
    Oh. And if you are going to take issue with something Professor Dawkins said, may I suggest you listen to him directly, and not rely upon what Ben Stein says he said. Context is everything.
    July 17, 2008 1:39 PM”

    Are you so insecure in your beliefs, what ever they may be, that someone making a film about his own spur you to condemn him? Intelligent people that enjoy Oxhorn’s videos, whether they agree with his personal perspective or not, will view something such as the pink unicorn video as both thoughtful and entertaining. I, myself, not only laughed at the comedy of the film, but also found myself thinking about the theories and logic behind his subtle message.

    Also, he was not speculating on what Dawkins said. If you read his message, he has links for anyone to listen to the audio clips of Dawkins’ own words. That’s hardly speculation.

    If he loses viewers because they can’t handle the fact that he has religious beliefs and is not ashamed to express them, then he is better off without them as viewers, in my opinion. He does this for fun. You can chose to watch and enjoy them or not. But where he may lose non-believers, he will likely gain new viewers that share his beliefs. And there will always be those that may not agree, but don’t take offense to his expression of faith.

    Brandon “Oxhorn” – Thank you for countless hours of enjoyment. Keep up the amazing work.

  57. Anonymous says:

    As an omnist in the broadest sense of the word, I’d like to add thought to this discussion that most likely won’t be read or responded to, but that’s ok.

    I honestly believe that sience and religion can both be true at the same time. Your theory of god being the mastermind behind the big bang explains that perfectly. However, I’d like to take it one step further and claim that it might be possible that god exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. He might exist just for certain people, he might be (a) different god(s) depending on the person worshipping him/her and I certainly haven’t learned of any proof that cannot be nullified by people who think beyond our limitations of thought.

    For example, someone mentioned that if you put the parts together under the right circumstances, life might create itself…there is no proof there are no higher power(s) behind that ‘coïncidence’.

    Personally, I do not know wheter to believe or not (you could say I believe everything is possible) but in my personal opinion, I think it would be arrogant to state that god has to exist, especially since his powers are almighty. Who are we to say he (or she) can or cannot exist, or that we have the slightest proof that our way is the (only) right way?

  58. Willie says:

    I am not a Christian however nor am I an Atheist. If I told u the term for what I was you probably wouldn’t want to listen to what I have to say so I’ll tell you at the end of this message. I am more of a live life in the now and every man for himself when it all hits the fan type of person (note that i am a mere 13 years old). I do believe that there is some form of extra terrestrial life due to the observation that if we are the only semi intelligent species (i use the term semi intelligent merely to say that we have in a sense “F***ed up our ability to be rational”) and you can look up in the night sky and see trillions of stars…

    We are pretty damn special!
    I am a LaVeyan Satanist. Now you see why I can’t afford to say that in the beginning due to the fact that many people hear the satan part and think it refers to the satan in the “holy” bible which then causes them to lose interest in what I have to actually say! By the way, Satan is a word in the hebrew language meaning adversary, the way it is used in the term LaVeyan Satanist means adversary to uniconformism. LaVeyan Satanism is basically a self worshipping religion and is not seen as an organized religion!

    Man I hope this doesn’t stir up a massive religious argument!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Psyko said:

    “If life was from a single organism, shouldn’t all life be the same? One single-cell organism has the genetic material for specific life, and therefore in my understanding should only be able to create one single form of life.”

    Aah.. in ‘ideal’ circumstances, that is what would happen.

    But the duplication of DNA has errors. These small errors are called mutations.

    They may give the life-form a slight or a big dissadvantage when it comes to surviving in their environment. So they die more easily. And the error does not get transmitted as easily to the next generation.

    However, they may also give the life-form a slight advantage. This makes it easier for the life-form to survive, and therefore makes it easier for the error to be passed in to the next generation.

    As the generations pass, very slowly he erros will mount up, and because the beneficial errors are more likely to survive than th malign errors, the species will tend to change and become better adapted to survive in their environment.

    Why does this lead to multiple species? Because a certain population will expand to two places with different kinds of environments, and the errors that will be beneficial to one, might not be to the other. The same with malign. This means, the DNA will transform differently in both populations. With enough time (and this is a looong time), they will become two different species.. provived interbreeding is limited.

    This is what the Theory of Evolution says (very simplified, of course).

  60. Anonymous says:


    I want to start off by saying I’m a huge fan of your movies.

    I have to say that I feel that both sides have their heads up their butts on this issue, and it makes me uncomfortable choosing a side.

    I am Jewish, but I’m personally a little more secular. I believe in science and evolution. I do believe there is some kind of higher power making this ordered universe tick, but it’s impossible to prove what form he/she/it has taken. I doubt very heavily that he/she/it is as sentient (as we understand sentience) as religion supposes, but again it’s impossible to prove either way.

    Science is fact, and religions are theories (albeit oftentimes silly ones) to fill in the gaps.

    I think there are a lot of aspects of religions that science and history can completely disprove, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be some germ of truth in what we can’t pin down.

    I feel that one should be free to believe what they believe, so long as A) they aren’t hurting themselves or anyone else, and B) they aren’t forcing their beliefs on others. Unfortunately, many religious extremists tend to ignore those conditions and therefore give religion itself a bad name.

    Christ, for example, is an uncomfortable subject for me because of all this. The fact (and it is a fact) is that he was a Jewish man who was preaching a return to classic Judaism and saying basically how great it would be for everyone to be nice to each other for a change. For that, he was murdered by the Romans. Doubtful he was anything supernatural, but he can certainly be considered a prophet and at the very least a very smart and good man. And yet, decades after his death, a Roman emperor decides to organize Christ’s fringe group of followers into an official religion, shift the blame of his death to his own people, and carry on a tradition of committing violent and oppressive acts in his name.

    So I can see where athiests are coming from, but it still doesn’t excuse them from being almost as arrogant at times.

    The thing of it is, to reiterate and sum up, As long as you’re not hurting anyone, believe whatever helps you get along. And if some aspect of it CAN be proven wrong, the party with the facts needs to not be so snotty and the people recieving this information should be open to learning it.

    And that is why I hate religious arguments.

    P.S. Again, I am a huge fan of your work and will be a fan for years to come, regardless of our religious differences.

  61. Drackthor says:

    First,I am agnostic (meaning that I have no belief until I can obtain more information). I don’t not believe in a monotheistic beliefs, or polytheistic for that matter. I question some and leave others alone.

    Now, I have some thing for the three largest and most prominent monotheistic religions. Why do you fight. You have basically the same bible. Read it. They have very similar stories just different names. This doesn’t discredit any of these religions, just proves that maybe this god does exist, since there are three major religions based around him/her/it.

    This is for Christians. There are many, and I mean a lot of pictures of Jesus. Since Christianity was started by white people, or so it is to be believed, this was the expected. But if Jesus really were born in the Middle East, he would have dark skin and dark eyes and dark hair. A commonly accepted image of him is brown haired, blue eyed, white skinned. He could have also been black skinned.

    The Big Bang… hmm. I agree with Oxhorn for the most part. The Big Bang could not have “just happened.” However, I fail to see how just because scientists don’t know how it happened, it immediately means an omnipotent person or thing made it. I believe that Man was not placed on this planet like little dolls and then given life. We evolved and changed and adapted. If anything, God or many gods and goddesses, created that bacteria or single celled organism in this remarkable and unique hunk of rock.

    Perhaps another dimension is involved. A worm hole to another dimension could have opened up and farted some gas and rocks into the blackness of the thing we call “Space.” God, Allah, God, gods and goddesses could have seen this rock that had this thing we call “gravity” and seen how the gasses were attracted to it. They or it could have seen the gas reach into the rock and created chemical reactions that made the rock compress and create the core, which, in turn, made the gravity pull in the hydrogen and ice and oxygen and nitrogen, all of which could have been floating around this rock.

    Now, where this “fart” came from? I don’t know. There could be a God greater than yours, in the dimension that farted this up, and maybe her or she DID create life. But for us and OUR tangible, I don’t think that a god would make us and forget us.

    I think an interesting story is the story about Zeus and the Titan of Earth. Zeus created humans to play with. He took clay from the Titan of Earths skin and molded it into his likeliness. He then took a drop of blood from the Titan and placed it on each one. Then he poured water on it.

    Zeus soon became tired of the humans and ordered them to be destroyed. The Titan of Earth saw this and was sad, for these creatures were made of his flesh and blood. He tried to stop Zeus. Zeus, came to the agreement that the humans would live, but only if the Titan of the Earth was chained to a mountain, and every day a bird would come and eat him, and every day it would regenerate and start over again.

    If there were a god I believed in, it would be the Titan. And still, this and Christianity and Islam and Judaism, is all mythology. We can’t be sure. Not one hundred percent know, I don’t think ever, the truth. But we can speculate.

    (hopefully soon to be machinima maker)

    My father passed away two years ago come November. He was a forgiving, loving, man who cared for everybody. He was extremely likable and did nothing wrong. He was suddenly diagnosed with skin cancer. We were shocked. We hadn’t be exactly Mr. Flanders, but we had still “believed” I think a little. I read some books about it. My mother now is very firm that God exists, but I am firm that if “our” god is all powerful and all knowing and controlling, why did my father die so quickly? If it was a test, then fine, I failed, but why put so many people through pain to know if they are faithful?

    There is another story about a bet between God and Satin. Satin didn’t believe people were faithful to God. So he bet God to test his most faithful subject. God agreed. He killed the man’s wife with pox, killed both sons and killed the mans daughter. The man was furious. People tried to tell him that God was there and that he had designed this for the best. The man couldn’t believe that his god would put him through so much pain and be for the better. Then god came to him and told him that everything was okay. The man became prosperous and married and had two sons and a daughter. He was happy. God had won the bet with Satin.

    Why? Why would God:
    A. Bet, especially with Satin?
    B. Kill four people to make a man believe more…
    C. Do the same constantly? Constantly letting people die in order to make others believe? How does that work?

  62. Anonymous says:

    How can Christians know that their religion is the right one?

    This god you speak of might be Buddah or Allah.

  63. Anonymous says:

    I am in no way saying God doesnt exist but as many other people have said why does he then let people die on the most horrible ways? and Oxhorn what your saying might be true but time was never invented, time always existed but only the numbers in time is man made a minute don’t exist just like a second but what did then create God if he exist (and what did create the Big Bang) since everything has a beginning and always has an end

  64. Anonymous says:

    Just a comment on the literal 6-day creation interpretation.

    The word that the English Bible often translates into “day” can actually be used to mean any measured period of time. Not necessarily 24 hours. It similar to how someone can say “back in my day…” they are not talking about one single day. They are talking about a long period of time.

    As for the comments regarding things such as “why does God let bad things happen,” that is a discussion that could take pages to answer.. but the simple one is this– we live in a fallen, evil world that is the result of free will that God gave us.

    The very fact that we recognize certain things as universally evil is proof in a way that there is such a thing as a God in the first place. If we were simply soulless animals that reacted to our surroundings like other species on our planet, we would not see murder or rape etc as morally bad acts. As a society, we would do things such as weeding out the weak, infirm and handicapped in order to clean the gene-pool like other animals do. Yet we don’t, we actually use valuable resources to take extra care of our old and handicapped. This is not what evolution teaches a species to do in order to survive and become stronger.

  65. John Ford says:

    In a nutshell: intelligent man says “I don’t know”, theist sees his opportunity to claim divine involvement, “GOD DID IT!”.

    A lot of people have been very nonpartisan and sensitive towards the religious beliefs of others’. I have no idea why to be honest: Christianity alone is responsible for more suffering than a thousand times a thousand holocausts, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    So why, fellow atheists, are you giving this man any quarter? You cannot reason with a madman.

    Religion is harmful to everyone, including the believers. (Just think of those Christians in countries such as china who are persecuted because of their beliefs: their standard of living is dreadful).
    We atheists can help them, and thousands like them, more than any prayer group.

    But you have to act, you can’t just be content to sit by and watch the theists play, naive and unaware as they are, they’re dangerous as hell.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I gotta admit that alot in this machinima is pretty spot-on. Religion has killed alot of non-believers since the Bible came to be.
    Pagans were exterminated. “Witches” were burnt and made cruel stories about. Religious wars came to be.
    All this just cause a guy wrote a book. Now I’d love to hear you religious ppls explanations why most of what’s written in the Bible is close to copy paste from an ancient religion as Paganism…and why the Christians tried to wipe out this ancient religion just to make their own copy-paste religion that has brought so much cruelty to our world.
    If you have the answers to everything, now’s the time to speak up.
    The reasons why more and more ppl are leaving religions and getting other beliefs is that today it’s accepted and tolerated to believe in something else than what the Bible or their parents told them. Not too long ago you’d be killed or left in the woods as wolf food if you didn’t believe.
    The universe has existed forever, yes I know it’s hard to understand for us who just lives 100 years if we’re lucky/unlucky. Something that have always existed? How is that possible? Well…it’s impossible for us to understand.

    Don’t get me wrong…believing in something is good, but why does that which ppl believe in have to kill others who believes differently. Why do differences have to be solved by taking other ppls lifes? Why can’t u religious ppl just accept that other ppl believe in something else and tolerate them for their beliefs? I wouldn’t be angry at religious ppl if they wouldn’t judge or punish others for believing in something other than they do.
    Peace out and pls start tolerating ppl for not believing in what you do…and pls stop the mocking and laughing of ppls beliefs even tho they don’t cope with yours.


  67. Drackthor says:

    Just a note… Christianity caused the Holocaust… and Hitler’s brilliant and crazy mind…

  68. Anonymous says:

    I always respect other people’s beliefs, whether I believe in them or not, as an atheist. I NEVER try to convince religious people not to believe in their god. However, I found this video quite disturbing. You only portrayed a few types of scientists, specifically those who believe in panspermia (not too many) and projected them onto the entire scientific community. If you really want to tackle religion vs. atheism in your videos, then you should go into the full subject rather than focusing on a group whose beliefs are not very well supported and thinking that that means you have proven religion over atheism. I however, have no time to argue with people (who would obviously never abandon their beliefs no matter how well you proved your point). I would rather do something useful with my life than get caught up in a useless, childless argument.

    Here’s to hoping that you bring back the old Oxhorn, and don’t try to use your videos as an outlet for you to talk about your beliefs, and rather on the entertainment that you did a great job with in your older videos.

    Here’s to hoping that there’s more to life than fighting.

    -An old fan

  69. Anonymous says:

    you first claim scientists are all hypocrites more or less and idiots then say you don’t know how god created life that is for the scientists, Sorry no. If you think they are wrong I want exact reasons from those who think your IPU did it and all aspects of life and full explanation for all evidence against you not, its a lie. Till that day, your IPU is just a figment and your views being forced on someone who was looking for light entertainment offended me and lost me the respect I had for you as an entertainer. I was raised a Christian and people who bash everything and don’t give any other reason then god did or god justified it is the reason I’m sick of that aspect of my history.

  70. Brandon M. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the comments all! I responded to them in this thread, here:

  71. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to say that I always watched your videos and showed them to my kids but now that you are injecting the videos with your religious propaganda I will have to think twice about it. I don’t see why you cant make a separation. Please keep your political, religious and ideological beliefs out of the the videos. there is NO need for it. none whats so ever.

  72. Jonathon says:

    I had subscribed to this thread months ago reading the discussion with interest, and haven’t seen any activity in awhile until now.

    Most music, videos, and books have some kind of ideological idea or theme behind them. Take for instance the novel, 1984. There was a definite political and ideological agenda behind it. Many of the greatest pieces of literary work are done by people who are giving their views of society or some aspect of it. Just because you disagree with something does not mean its “propaganda.”

  73. "Koneko Decaelum" says:

    Hear hear! It’s interesting to see how atheists try to shut down Christians and their beliefs when they are just as religious and unsupported in theirs.

    If God doesn’t exist, how can anyone explain how’s he’s touched so many lived (including mine)? dc Talk said in Mind’s Eye “Can you catch the wind?/See a breeze?/Its presence is revealed by the leaves on a tree/An image of my faith in the unseen”. We have to remember that as Christians we are a witness for God. I could go on about how my week at Panama City Beach with BeachReach showed the importance of this but that’s best discussed another time.

  74. Narauk (Azjol-Nerub) says:

    This short short was hilarious and i enjoy watching all your movies but to avoid something like this and which would be best over all is to not bring any religion into public works such as your machinima’s. I don’t think its right to question or make fun of other people’s beliefs (which some got the feeling of even though this movie was not intended to do so).
    I’m not gonna say that Christianity and all religions are wrong because i do not care what you believe in. Believe in what ever makes you safe and happy. :]

    btw i was born and raised a christian but i then grew up to becoming an atheist but still questioning the belief of god.

    Keep up the good work Oxhorn! 😀

  75. Amanda Gretzinger says:

    I must say, I’m super proud of this video that you had made ^^. Being a very devoted Catholic/Christian, I have recieved a lot of stress from those who claim that science is right and my beliefs are wrong. It’s nearly gotten to the point where I feel that everyone is taking what they think is the more “Logical and proof-ridden” route. I for one really don’t wanna believe that I decended from a single celled organisim…I mean…ew x_X

    Thank you for posting this video. I’m sorry for all the crud you’re recieving from those who see this as a bad thing. I mean…what happened to freedom of Religion and Speech? I look at the comments posted on Youtube and I really feel terrible that your fans would suddenly turn on you because you wish to speak your mind about a certain subject.

    Heck, I was cracking up laughing at your awesome defense for “The Invisible Pink Unicorn”. It was amazing and oh so true to what I believe XD Keep up the awesome work. You’ve got guts 😀

  76. Arthus says:

    My apologies that this is long and apologies that I will be a bit mixed up but here goes:)

    I am 16 years old and have been raised in a christian family; however I have also lived a life of ignoring God and living as one who does not care about God, so do not consider me as some christian who is to arrogant to consider something else just because I was raised in a christian family.

    No I do not believe it is right for anyone to oppress someone else for what they believe; however I do believe it is right to stand for what you believe when someone questions it. So this is in reply to people who are questioning and accusing oxhorn’s ideas.(If you think he shouldn’t have put it on the net, “THEN DO NOT WATCH IT”..I personally found it funny…though I would not recommended it for children or people who cannot take it in an orderly, adult fashion.)

    What I am going to say is a bit off the subject, however I do believe it is what matters in this subject. Also this will most likely be a slap in the face for a lot so if you do not want that…DO NOT READ THIS.

    First I am just going to answer a few of the questions asked about Christianity:

    1. “If God exists why do bad things happen to people?” I agree with a previous comment(not exactly it but) “It is not God’s fault that we do what we do with the free will he has given us.”
    Here are a couple examples:

    “A lady is walking down the street of New York in an outfit that does not cover her body properly making her look “sexy”, she is then raped by some men. Now who’s fault is it God’s fault for creating the lady or the ladies fault for dressing in a way that would encourage a situation like this? Same with alleys suppose the same thing happened because she went into an ally even though she knew she shouldn’t, who’s fault is it? God’s for allowing the alley to be there or the ladies for going into it against her better judgment?”

    Another “People are killed by serial killers all over the world and a lot ask “Why does God allow it?” Well tell me this who’s fault is it that serial killers exist? God’s for allowing the child to be born or the society’s fault for not bringing up the child in a good, clean, untainted way?”

    “A man is driving and a drunk driver crashes him; is it God’s fault for allowing the drunk to get a license or the drunks fault for being drunk?”

    “A house is burnt down because someone left a blanket on a heater over night; now who’s fault is it God’s fault for giving those people a house to live in or the members of the house, for being careless with there belongings?”

    I think that proves my point on this subject: God has given man a free will, what we do with it is our responsibility alone.

    2.”What is faith” Faith: complete trust, confidence, or reliance in something – New World Dictionary definition 5. My definition is “putting your life in the hands of another thing or person.”

    Some say they do not live by faith, but I will tell you now everyone even evolutionists and atheists live by faith weather they know it or not. Examples:

    “You must have faith in the driver of a car that he will not crash”, “You must have faith that when you cross the intersection you will not be crashed by another car”, “You must have faith that your children will make it home safely from school”, “You must have faith that whatever theory you have will be able to be proven correct in do time.”, “You must have faith that our planet will not suddenly explode at random any time soon:)”, I could go on for years telling you things people have faith in even if they do not think about it but I think that is enough to show that faith is a very real, constant thing, and is not a bad thing to have either; for without faith everyone would be afraid to simply take another step on this planet:)

    3. “How can you like a religion that has been the cause of many deaths and turmoil”

    Let me put one thing straight before I answer this. Yes I agree there have been people who have claimed to be god-sent that have caused millions of deaths (the Crusades), but there is always one bad in every good and one good in every bad. There will always be someone or something that will mess things up for everyone, it is how humans are. It was wrong for the people in the past to kill other people for not believing in Christianity, however it was also wrong for people to slaughter Christians by the thousands and millions as well. Most people do not realize it but through history Christianity is actually the most persecuted idea in all of history; (next context viewers discrimination please)take Roman Emperor Nero he slaughtered millions of Christians in such foul ways like burning them alive as torches for his garden that there has never been a more dark age for a people in history.
    Sorry back to the question what good comes from it, well here’s an example of my own family: there is a child in yu gonda who we are helping by sending money to her so she can have a better life than eating in the dumps, now if we were not Christian’s I could almost promise we would have had no compassion for her plea letter and would have ignored it, going on with our own lives and saying to ourselves “It has nothing to do with me” to ease our conscience.

    To be honest there are a lot of people who are not Christian’s yet claim to be ones, here’s a little secret “Do not judge a christian by what he says but rather what he does.” A christian (I know this will offend people)is someone who acts upon what the Bible teaches NOT someone who just goes to a church and does the actions. Also the Bible teaches for people to show Love – a strong affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons; Patience – steady, diligent, persevering; Goodness – the state or quality of being good, kindness, generosity and excellence; Self-control – control of oneself, or of one’s own emotions, desires, actions, etc…and to rebuke things like Hate – a strong feeling of dislike or ill will for; Malice – active ill will, desire to harm others; Greed – desiring more than one needs or deserves; and Murder – to kill inhumanly or barbarously. It also upholds good morals and rebukes what IS wrong better than anything I have ever read, so why is it so terrible to believe in a religion that encourages people to do what’s right? (O a good saying) “Do what it is right because it is right”

    People tend to look at what is wrong with something rather than what is write about it and I will tell you now Christianity that follows the Bible, does not bring more anguish than happiness I know that from experience as I said earlier.

    4. “How can you prove God exists, or any supernatural being for that matter?”

    Well I will answer that question and say something about other theories as well. (This will be a punch in the face for a lot of people so if you do not want that….DO NOT READ IT.)

    “One thing about a lot of other theories is that, if they are true they do not matter because in a million years all things about them will be forgotten; I am sure an ancient Egyptian culture is far more exiting than a lot of theories and yet it has been forgotten in a couple thousand years so why do you people even care to prove god’s existence as wrong? I will tell you why.
    One who spends all their time believing their theories thinks that God doesn’t exist or has nothing to do with them. Stripping the Bible and God of all power over their lives. People like this, because if there is no God; there is no sin and if there is no sin; there is no punishment. Giving them the idea that they can do whatever they want, however they want, and whenever they want. So does that mean we can all go out and rape someone? No! That is why I believe God exists because even if you don’t believe in God, you know, what you do, deep down inside, is wrong. Why do you feel that way? Because you have a sense of right and wrong (a conscience) that was placed there by something. Here’s a logical table for this: If there is punishment in the world(which there is), than there is something to be punished which we call sin, if there is sin there is a conscience that tells you it is sin, if there is a conscience that tells you it is sin then there is some entity that placed that conscience in you, and if there is an entity than there is a God or some divine being that is. If there was no God we would be no different than animals however we are because we have that sense of right and wrong.

    I will not comment on other religions simply because I do not know enough about them to do so and it would be wrong for me to do so with my lack of knowledge.

    When people get the mind set that they can do whatever they want with no hindrances because they think that there is no final punishment from God, they WILL start to do things that WILL hurt or ruin other peoples lives and theirs.(rapes, murder, steeling, serial killers, etc..)

    So regardless of whether evolution or any other theory is right if one believes they can do whatever they want and does not stop those that do things wrong, than bad things will always keep happening in the world.

    5. O forgot this question “If God was an all powerful, perfect being why did he bother to create us?”

    “God made man in his own image and of the same mind (according to the bible, so one can assume we would think a little like him). If you owned everything in the world, could snap your fingers and viola $9,000,000,000 dollars, and were just all powerful; wouldn’t it get a little boring if you were the only one who existed? I believe God made man to share his things and attributes (love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, self-control, honor, dignity, holiness, etc…)with us just as we would do if we were him.”

    I could go on forever; but I don’t think you would like that, so I will just say a few more things.

    Stop bothering Oxhorn about his videos, it’s his video not yours and if you take it as a mockery than so be it, that is a mind set you place on yourself not him.

    This is my opinion and my opinion alone if you agree or disagree, it is your choice.(entire post)

    Thank you for reading if you did and please consider what I have said, as I will consider what you have said:).

  77. Anonymous says:

    Hey Oxhorn. I was infact wondering about your creation of the IPU so I checked this out. I my self have decied not to commit one way or the other because I dont see the point. If, one day, there is a God then great! I will try and abide by the rules that he lays down. If the big bang happened great! But if I had to choose I would say that God did make the Big Bang after a previous universe ended. I also beleive that unless there is a God for every single planet in the universe I think he is out in the making the res of it. I respect all beliefs (apart from the ones that enforce terrorisim and stuff) And think that everyone is entitled to an opion. Its a pretty big universe out there so who knows? Also I do belive in aliens. We cant be the only ones in this plane of existents. Also I would like to say you are a great machinma maker and I hope you contine your work. Dont let the haters pull you down because you rock!

  78. Cipher says:

    No atheist worth his salt would claim to know how the universe and life began.
    Neither would he claim that science has a very good explanation to it (at the moment).

    There's the key though, just because science can't explain the beginning of life and the universe at the moment it doesn't mean it never will be able to.

    One argument that I think is one of the best ones out there that Richard Dawkins is using is where he says that atheists are just like christians – they just take it one god further.

    Why do you believe that the God of the bible started the Big Bang? Why don't you believe that a Flying Spaghetti Monster is the one to blame for all of this? Or maybe the Invisible Pink Unicorn is the one responsible?

    Why are you a christian when the larger part of the population of this planet are not?

    Being a theist is like giving up, it's taking the easy path, it's believing in something that's not proven at all instead of believing in something that's at least proven slightly.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Okay first and foremost let me point out that I do believe in god that being said I have this to add. I don't believe in Religion nor the bible. Oh I'm hearing the gasps and the fingers are flying over the keyboard right now with that one. Alright with that all out of the way I have one simple question for those that are all about religion and not science. I am largely a scientist, but I don't believe in Aliens because not all of us scientists do Oxhorn and I am insulted that you lumped me into that group. Anyways. The thing about creationism that I have a problem with is the dinosaurs. How do you explain them being on earth when there were suppose to be humans, but there is no human skeletal structure of a human being that can be carbon dated to that time period?

  80. Tomu says:

    Well here is what I think, which I gain a bunch of grief about, and what I believe in on this subject.

    One, I think that the whole idea of aliens in space is a load of bull. If there were aliens then I'm sure by now that we would have found some sort of trace of their existance. I don't believe them to be 'invisable' and i don't believe them to be elusive either, I just don't think they exist at all, period. Leave them to movies says I.

    Now for my views on God. I believe that there is a God, the one who created all of us the one who granted our shells life and souls that control what we do. I don't believe in the Bible. The Bible is a book written by man handed down by man to be written again and again in different languages and it is my belief that it is lost in translation to the true texts that were originally made. I also believe that we are not puppets to God and that he isn't as demanding of our worship as ever. Heck if we were supposed to be exact puppets that are supposed to do as he said why did he give us free will or better yet why does he allow Homosexuality across his 'perfect world' and not smite them all down in his holy wrath?

    Now what am I exactly? Christian, Catholic, Baptist? Neither really, I believe myself to be what I refer to as "Christopagan" in other words a person who believes in God but also believes in some aspects of Paganism. Now get this through your heads before you patronize me, I do NOT believe in magic spells. I do NOT worship satan (after all no pagan does because they do not believe he exists) and I am not going to steal your soul and trap it in a bottle to be put in some wicked love potion that works only at 10pm when the moon is full! Yes, totally random I am, but I do believe in spirits.

    I believe that there are spirits on earth, or as the christians refer to them as 'Angels'. I believe that the 'Spirits' that some people see are protectors or our 'Guardian Angels' that watch over us while the tormented spirits are ones that have not been brought into his arms yet for they still cling to the real world.

    As for creatoin I don't know. To me it is a pure mystery that only one person will know and He will never tell us. Perhaps one of His days (And yes, I'm being respectful to Him by capatalizing anything referring to Him) could be millions of years to us. heck the dinosaur period could be His second or third day while the cavemen could have been His original humans until He created Adam and Eve. We will honestly never know, only theroize and believe in Faith. As for your vid Oxhorn, it's very interesting and caught my attention on the subject. Keep up the work Oxy!

  81. MAC says:

    Look believing in something that has no proof is ridiculious, i’m a realist there could be a god it’s a valid theory but just till there is some proof i’m saying be rational and don’t be crazy religious or atheist ( ya athiest are just as bad as religious people even worse sometimes) If a god came down and said I am your master i would be inclined to accept that as reality or the scientist say we have solved the mystery there is no god. This does not effect me. Life goes on, to quote Shit happens.

  82. jeff says:

    Based om quantum mechanics The idea that the big band just happen or caused itself it very plausible and has the merit of being simple. At the quantum level things happen for no reason there is no cause

    There is one huge difference between ET and God is with ET you have an idea that someday can be proven or dis proven but God can never be proven.

    • Oxhorn says:

      God can never be proven or disproved. This is why science can never explain God, or explain him away; God is a concept that exists beyond the need for proof, which science is a slave to. The Big Bang was actually first conceived by a catholic, and many scientists did not at first embrace the idea because they thought that it too closely resembled a universe generated by a singular event–a.k.a, God. There is no proof, which science demands, that the big bang occurred on its own. It very well could have occurred by the instigation of an omnipotent being (again, an idea for which there is no proof).

  83. Evian says:

    Thanks, Brandon, for a very clear-headed debunking of the ridiculous nonsense put forth by ersatz scientists who try to dodge the creation bullet by positing that life on earth came from someplace else.

    I am not in the least religious in the traditional sense, but I do acknowledge that science has no business in faith, and vice versa. Science studies the observable, the repeatable and the measurable. Faith is believing in a feeling, a deep personal conviction that defies proof. The two things are mutually exclusive. When muddle-headed idiots start trying to muck them up, we get absurdity, as you so clearly demonstrated.

    Thanks for a great (and rational) little movie.

  84. Richard says:

    I think that proves my point on this subject: God has given man a free will, what we do with it is our responsibility alone.

  85. Richard says:

    I think that proves my point on this subject: God has given man a free will, what we do with it is our responsibility alone.

    Excellent point Arthus. People too often overlook the responsibility that comes with freedom. I have the freedom to do what I want with my life, even as a minor, but I can’t hold others responsible for any bad choices I make.

  86. Richard says:

    Just a note… Christianity caused the Holocaust… and Hitler’s brilliant and crazy mind…

    Christianity did not cause the Holocaust. Hitler was an evolutionist. It is not a Christian belief to hate Jews. Jesus came to Earth so that he could die for all Jews and all humans. And he WANTED for the Pharisees to crucify him.

    • Oxhorn says:

      Agreed–anyone who claims Christianity caused the Holocaust is a troll, and it is best not to feed the trolls. Catholics were rounded up and sent to concentration camps during WWII for harboring Jews.

  87. jerele says:

    Wow. This really opened my eyes. I think im not an atheist any more.

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