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Manlyfesto 8 – Belief vs. Knowledge

Photo courtesy of the Georgian National Museum.

Q: Does God exist? A: I don’t know. Some of my fellow Christians, upon hearing the exchange above, would think that the man answering is either an agnostic, or a back-slidden Christian. I believe that it does Christians no good

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Manlyfesto 3 – Faith vs. Evidence

South park mormon episode

Science being science, evidence is a natural requirement that enables science to work. Without evidence, science would become something else. Thus, you can never believe anything scientifically unless you first understand the evidence. Religion doesn’t demand evidence. It only ever

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Manlyfesto 1 – The Big Bang

the big bang galaxy

Preface I dislike the word ‘manifesto’. As of today (April 2013), one of the first search results for that word is the manifesto of a nut-job murderer, who wrote up a lengthy and asinine account of his personal troubles and

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God and Aliens

I’ve often been exacerbated by people’s stubborn assertion that alien life must be out there. With no evidence of aliens, any belief in aliens therefore cannot be scientific and must be faith. My movie The Invisible Pink Unicorn and my

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Defending a Rare Earth

Arguments against the “rare earth” hypothesis rely on character defamation and weak “if/then” reasoning.

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