#3 – Friendly Enemies

the best way to argue or make an argument is to do so calmly and maintain friendships with the people who disagree with you. You don't ever have to agree, but you should always be friends.

A classy person is happy to befriend those with whom he disagrees. Every one of us has an opinion, whether we speak it or not, and every one of us wishes that people who don’t think like we do, did. However, being classy men and women, we realize that only associating with those who already agree with us is tantamount to intellectual incest.

As classy individuals, we are composed, cool, calm and collected. When someone disagrees with us, we express our contrary opinions with a smile. If our opponent gets angry, we drop the subject, light our pipes and ignore him. We may never change his mind, just like he may never change ours, but we reach out to him and share meals. We shake hands and laugh together. We argue in earnest and learn from each other. If he is friendly, we are friendly back; if he invites us for a classy drink, we go.

People gossip about a man behind his back if he bullishly hates those with whom he disagrees, but people praise him behind his back if he gets along with everyone. That said, a classy person is never afraid to offer his opinion when asked, and gives it with honesty, respect and a disciplined tongue—never with sarcasm or mean language. He realizes that he may lose a friend if he speaks his mind; that the friend may become an enemy once his contrary opinion becomes known. But he also knows that if you lose a friend because he does not agree with your opinion, then he was not a friend worth keeping.


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