#5 – Never Argue Over the Bill

Classy people never argue over who picks up the tab at a restaurant. We realize that money can be a sensitive issue for some people. Classy people, then, adapt to the circumstance. If someone offers to pay, we let him. If no one has yet offered to pay, we gladly offer to. If, having offered to pay, someone else steps in and says “No, I’ve got this,” we step back and gladly let him pay, with many thanks. Many people have a harder time accepting a gift than giving one.

It has to do with ego. Unclassy people are too proud to accept a gift. The unspoken message, he thinks, is that the gift giver is lording his wealth, or otherwise making himself look better. So the unclassy person refuses to accept the gift and insists on paying his own way.

Classy people, on the other hand, are so secure that we don’t care if the generous person is only offering in order to look good. We accept the gift graciously, with smiling faces. We don’t offer to pay him back. We don’t say ‘I owe you one’ or ‘I’ll get you next time’. We simply accept the gift and carry on with our pleasant evening.

Classy people never have our egos hurt or feel guilty when someone else pays. We are happy to be blessed, and we in no way take offense to it. And when the time comes, we bless our friends with open hands. If our friends are unclassy and refuse our gift, we make note of it and never offer again.


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One comment on “#5 – Never Argue Over the Bill
  1. I agree to this. A lot of my friends have to pay… I let them. When someone can not pay I help them out graciously!

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