#6 – The Word ‘Like’

Classy people don’t say the word ‘like‘ more than once every three sentences. Continuous repetition of any word is very annoying, but particularly so when the word is misused, as is chronically done with ‘like’. There are three proper uses of the word ‘like’:

  1. Similarity. “Bacon is like sausage in that they both come from the pig.”
  2. Approval. “Both bacon and sausage are fantastic foods that I like.”
  3. Conjunction. “I look like I am about to devour that entire pig.”

All other uses of the word ‘like’ are unclassy and to be avoided, for the following reasons:

  1. It makes you sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about. “I, like, think that charity is good because, like, it totally helps give poor people bacon.”
  2. It  makes you sound like a teenage girl. “And then he, like, picked me up in his car and we, like, totally went to make-out point and then he, like, pulled out a George Foreman grill and cooked me some bacon.”
  3. Overall, it makes you sound immature. “So, like, the topic of this seminar is that bacon is, like, the best food ever and we should totally, like, sell it, or something.”

Now, it is true that young immature people can be classy in their own way; being young does not immediately make you unclassy. However, it is when children try to act like adults that we really admire them. If you see a child trying hard to act like an adult, don’t you smirk just a little, finding it humorous? We find it funny because eventually that child will be an adult, and it is adorable to see him aspiring towards adulthood, just as we admire a man who aspires towards owning a house.

Seeing an adult act like a child has the opposite effect. When we see adults wearing young-person clothes (which I will cover in a future post) we raise our eyebrows, not in humor but in derision. When we see an adult with child-like interests, we shake our heads and wish that he would grow up. It is the proper aspiration of childishness to mature into adulthood, and adulthood is conveyed by dress, attitude and, more than anything, language.

Therefore, it is best for classy people like ourselves to speak like adults, and this can start with proper use of the word ‘like’.


Don't you, like, totally want to, like, like this post?


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3 comments on “#6 – The Word ‘Like’
  1. Nemitta says:

    I just wanted to say I agree with you completely on this subject! Also, thank you, now I want bacon.

  2. I agree. But everyone is different in interests etc.

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