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How To Be Classy


Many of the top Google results for “how to be classy” are pretty unclassy. They include top-10 lists, and brilliant observations like “don’t burp in public”. They co-mingle words like “fabulous” and “hip” with “classy”, as if they mean the

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#7 – Sweatpants

Classy people don’t wear sweatpants, unless they’re at home, alone. We’ve all seen the corpulent woman strolling around the supermarket wearing what were once pink sweatpants covered in food stains (at least I hope they are food stains) with the

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#4 – Sagging Pants

Classy people do not wear sagging pants. Let’s think for a moment about the sorts of things that go through our minds when we see someone with sagging pants. He doesn’t know what belts or suspenders are, and therefore has

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#1 – Body Modification

Classy people do not modify their bodies with bolts, spikes, balls, hoops, bones or anything else that did not grow out of them. It may be tempting to stretch ones earlobe and place a hoop in it, but sport games

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