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Merry Christmas Classy Chaps!

Merry Christmas classy chaps! Don’t forget to torment your folks while opening presents by playing my geeky Christmas album. I hope you have an amazing! Follow @oxhorn

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Why I’m Retiring From Movie Making

Today, I released my final movie, Into the Tin. It is my final movie, not because I’ve grown bored with movie making, but because it demands time I don’t have. Of course, my story is no different than yours—who has

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Blog Relaunch


It’s been a few years since I mashed this website together using a theme builder and a slew of heavy plugins. Since then, I’ve gotten better at SEO, CSS, and WordPress, so I decided to rebuild the site from scratch and implement some new

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In Store Now! (My Novel, That Is)

Cloran hastings thumbnail

Ever since I started writing, I’ve often wondered how I’d react to seeing my novel for sale in a book store for the first time. Every weekend I would go to Barns & Noble with my college buddies and examine

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Oxhorn Wrote a Book! Introducing The Tale of Cloran Hastings

The Tale of Cloran Hastings

A wave of water in the shape of a clawed hand crashes onto the deck of Wavegrazer. The wheel spins violently; the ship lurches and Cloran’s men are flung into the sea. As the masts break and the sky goes

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Like the Game vs. Gaga: Comparison

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Oxhorn at Dragon*Con

I was invited to Dragon*Con 2010 by the fine folks in charge of the MMO Track. After a long flight where I slept a lot because I forgot to download a new book onto my Kindle, I arrived Thursday night,

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The Tale of Cloran Hastings

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