Manlyfesto 2 — Why I Want to be Filthy Rich

work hard to get rich

In 1st Timothy 5:8, we read the following: But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. I believe that working, in

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Manlyfesto 1 — The Big Bang

the big bang galaxy

Preface I dislike the word ‘manifesto’. As of today (April 2013), one of the first search results for that word is the manifesto of a nut-​job murderer, who wrote up a lengthy and asinine account of his personal troubles and

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Oxhorn Wrote a Book! Introducing The Tale of Cloran Hastings

The Tale of Cloran Hastings

A wave of water in the shape of a clawed hand crashes onto the deck of Wavegrazer. The wheel spins violently; the ship lurches and Cloran’s men are flung into the sea. As the masts break and the sky goes

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How to Create a Space Themed Nursery


Jodi and I are geeks. Specifically, we’re science geeks, especially about space exploration. When my beautiful wife discovered we’d be having a baby boy, she immediately knew that she wanted a space and sci-​fi themed nursery. Rockets, robots – you

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#10 — Porn & Masturbation

manly man dates a woman instead of having porn

In a recent episode of Scotch & Smoke Rings, I was asked for my opinion on pornography which I duly gave. Since many were curious, I want to take a moment to explain my stance fully, which is that porn

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#9 — Bumper Stickers


Classy people do not put stickers on their cars. They recognize that the color of the car is embellishment enough, and anything beyond it is just extra weight. Bumper stickers don’t make the car go faster, and if the car

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Sandusky and Sodomy

Joe Paterno

Why Child Rape at Penn State Will Happen Again Now they’re sorry. Now, they’ll promise over and over that this will never happen again. It only took world-​wide media coverage. I believe these allegations of child rape never came to

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