Sandusky and Sodomy

Joe Paterno

Why Child Rape at Penn State Will Happen Again Now they’re sorry. Now, they’ll promise over and over that this will never happen again. It only took world-​wide media coverage. I believe these allegations of child rape never came to

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#8 — Yard Sculptures

Now this is a statue I like, for anyone familiar with Dr. Who. Maybe if statues start chasing people around, they'll think twice

Classy people don’t put fake marble sculptures in their yard or garden. The Greeks, as we all know, were the first to define class. When the Romans took over, they sent their boys to Athens to learn how to be

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iPad Test

This is a test post from my iPad. I just installed the wordpress app and am trying to publish from may iPad. Will it work? Will my reading several be pestered by this rather worthless post? We will see! I

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#7 — Sweatpants

Classy people don’t wear sweatpants, unless they’re at home, alone. We’ve all seen the corpulent woman strolling around the supermarket wearing what were once pink sweatpants covered in food stains (at least I hope they are food stains) with the

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How to Deal with Sociopaths

There are two things we must do when confronted with a sociopath; punish him and isolate him from humanity and human memory. Many other responses are inappropriate and can lead to greater tragedy. I’m prompted to write by the recent

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Does Travel Cure Bigotry? Why Only the Rich Think So

travel cures bigotry prejudice and narrow mindedness says mark twain

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-​mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. This is a quote from Mark Twain. A wealthy friend from San Francisco tweeted this a few days ago. I think

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Difficult Ligatures Baffle

This is a test post to see if ligatures are working. The first waffle is due stiff graffiti and first street taffy for flowers in Florida with an oboe over aeons. It definitively works with headers. Sub-​headers offer no scuffle.

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