Difficult Ligatures Baffle

This is a test post to see if ligatures are working. The first waffle is due stiff graffiti and first street taffy for flowers in Florida with an oboe over aeons. It definitively works with headers. Sub-headers offer no scuffle. Lists Aint Miffed

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#6 – The Word ‘Like’

Classy people don’t say the word ‘like‘ more than once every three sentences. Continuous repetition of any word is very annoying, but particularly so when the word is misused, as is chronically done with ‘like’. There are three proper uses

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#5 – Never Argue Over the Bill

Classy people never argue over who picks up the tab at a restaurant. We realize that money can be a sensitive issue for some people. Classy people, then, adapt to the circumstance. If someone offers to pay, we let him.

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#4 – Sagging Pants

Classy people do not wear sagging pants. Let’s think for a moment about the sorts of things that go through our minds when we see someone with sagging pants. He doesn’t know what belts or suspenders are, and therefore has

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Machiavelli #29

There are actually three kinds of mind: one kind grasps things unaided, the second sees what another has grasped, the third grasps nothing and sees nothing. –Niccolò Machiavelli Follow @oxhorn

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Machiavelli #28

It is in the nature of things that every time you try to avoid one danger you will run into another. Good sense consists in being able to asses the dangers and choose the lesser of various evils. –Niccolò Machiavelli

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Machiavelli #27

A ruler will be respected when he is a genuine friend [or] a genuine enemy, that is, when he declares himself unambiguously for one side and against the other. This policy will always bring better results than neutrality. –Niccolò Machiavelli

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