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Lyrics – Like the Game

Oxhorn. My name! In my own song, Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. I have 300 mounts. 5 tiers of raiding gear, I have more pets than you or anyone from there to here. You can’t compete with

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Script – Stag Gets a Pat Down

Staghorn Gets a Pat Down Staghorn is in line at the flight master. He looks at his ticket—one way to whatever. He finally gets up to the metal detector. He walks through and it goes off. ELF Mmm, look at

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Script – Mister Evil Runs for Office

NARRATOR Mister Evil wants to be dean of the Evil Alchemist University. But is he evil enough? Let’s look at the facts. Mister Evil, then an associate professor, was responsible for killing beggars in Orgrimmar, bringing shame to the entire

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Script – Ox Chop

OX Are you sure this is the right place? APE Yes I’m sure. They said this guy was dying to meet with strangers, I think he’ll be an easy sell. OX Well, where is he? Enter horseman with a laugh.

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Turky Mold Script

I wrote this script as a special treat for the fans for my year anniversary episode of Scotch & Smoke Rings, episode 52. MORT Hey n00bs. Come help me eat this delicious cave mold, l33t! OX Ah, tempting Mort but

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Script – Orcs in SPACE! In Space

DR. Hey DINK, I found this really cool sea-shell. DINK Oh, neat! What does it do? DR. It’s a wishing shell. You hold it in your hands and make a wish, and whatever you wish comes true! DINK Wow, that’s

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Script – Orcs in SPACE! At the Beach

DINK DR. Strange Orc, why are we still floating in space? DR. I dunno DINK. I’m not even sure how we got here in the first place. DINK Are we here because someone finds it therapeutic to write really stupid

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