Lyrics – An Oxhorn Brand Medley

Chorus 1

red-red-red snappah!

And then in this part I’ll have the "red-red-red-red" part looping with Phineus going "Terror in storm wind". So it will sound like this:

Terror-red-in Stormwind-red
Terror-red-in Stormwind-red
Terror-red-in Stormwind-red
You’re momma’s a grain of sand!


(For the next one, the italicized word is shouted over the final word in the line, if it is a short phrase, or over the entire line, if it is a long phrase.)

Hark, hear the wails. -n00b!-
Sad, silver wails. -pwnt!-
In, Lordaeron. -ftw!-
But, they are gone. -omg!-
Diiing, dooong,
diiing, dong-dong-dooong -It’s the demon-spawn-reindeer from hell!-


If you want your gratting blit to
Chak you wolshing flak -You guys are great!-
But you want to see his wolsh
Bloit you in the back -No you’re great!-
You must treat him kindly and of this we must agree! -No you guys are great!-
Lest that wolshing, gratting blit go bloit you in the back! -No you’re great!-

Dooo, dooo,
dooo, dooo, -beat the images out of my eyes!-
doo-d-doo-d-doo! -retreat to thunder bluff!-
All my life I’ve pwned those n00bs
and been happy all alone, -It’s horrible!-
but then I saw your massive hooves
and knew that you were the one, -I’m blind!-
and I’m asking you, with your tail so wide,
my darling, sweet and dear Lacy,
If you would be my lovely bride
and forever pwn those n00bs with me…me…me-me-me-me

Chorus 2

Turkey! Turkey!
Turkey for everyone! -Hippy on!-
Turkey! Turkey!
These carunkles are very tasty!
Jag talar liten Svenska
men min Svenska ar inte bra
inte br-turkey!-, inte br-turkey!-
Apply directly to a hippie!

I’m uuuuuuber, uuuber l33t! -roflmao!-
So uuuuuuber, uuuber l33t!, -rox0rz box0rz!-
What a woooonderfull feeeling
I’m pwning agaaaaain!
For there aint, no, creature
In the land, or sea,
Quite as dear, to, meee
As the great, ko, dooooo, ohhhh,–

Chorus 3

Kill all the beggars in Orgrimmar!
Come now, my pet,
Kill all the beggars in Orgrimmar!
Midget gnomes unite!

hup, hup, hup, hup,
hup, hup, hup, hup–

Stay, away from those crooked elves,
theeey, look like women
and they smell like hell!
So if you would take my
sound advice
keep a distance of at least ten feet.


Chorus Finale

(For this final part, perhaps I can sing it in three-part harmony)

Song! A song, a-singin-a song
just a song, song, sing-a song
(–and this is the climax to the end where everything concludes–)



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16 comments on “Lyrics – An Oxhorn Brand Medley
  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Dokhidamo says:

    Best movie ever. And that’s enough said.

  3. lunula says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I caught myself singing this medley over and over at the supermarket the other day…and what’s more, my husband started to sing along :) Thank you for the smiles! 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    aahh i can’t get the lyrics outta my head! they just stuck there! heehee ^^ its just a good song!.. your awesome!

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Lolomgwtg Brandon, Lolomg Make more movies! My husband and I got this song stuck in our heads Lolomgwtgdairyqueen…

    Purpura (On Youtube)

  7. Rita says:

    Oxhorn, marry me!

    – Magnólia @ Frostmane EU

  8. Smellian/Suleica says:

    You are great Oxhorn, kiss from Spain.

    Colega eres la caña XD.

  9. Smellian/Suleica says:

    You are great Oxhorn, kisses from Spain.

    Colega eres la caña XD.

  10. Dangergoppel says:

    The lyrics are quite hard to read… :(

  11. MattP says:

    I really think that the bloit that chacked these gratting words into existence must be some kind of flacking genius!



    a.k.a Posivius on WoW

  12. xD says:

    Lol goodjob there Oxhorn …Keep on going 😛

    Ftw 😀

  13. Roflmao says:

    Epic, simple as.

  14. opus192 says:

    Dear Oxhorn
    Me and my 2 best friends are having an assignment for music class. We need to cover a song. We all 3 are huge Oxhorn fans, and decided to pick An Oxhorn Brand Medley as our song. Now, I ask you, do you have any sheet music of An Oxhorn Brand Medley. We really need it. If I may ask, we are thinking of using 2 Keyboards/Pianos and Drums. Oh, and please try to divide everything as good as possible. Only chords would already be great. If you need any information, you can contact me at: (If it is against rules to post your e-mail at the site, sorry, but I’m pretty desperate)
    Sincerely, Opus192

  15. ihi-darrowmere says:

    uberness achieved

  16. Matthias says:

    ox an oxhorn brand medley is one of my favourites i’m really happy that you did this one thank you 1000 thank yous

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