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Welcome! This blog has been around for many years under many names, and has collected a lot of diverse content over that time. Today, this blog is about my personal thoughts about topics I’m interested in, ranging from science to philosophy to religion.

There are three major series on this blog. How to be Classy comprises a list of articles explaining what one should do or not do to be classy. They are sometimes sarcastic– Sweatpants, Bumper Stickers and Never Argue Over the Bill are some sample topics.

Manlyfesto is an ongoing series of articles expounding on my personal world philosophy. The Big Bang, Faith vs. Evidence, and God’s Power & Man’s Will are good representations. I don’t like the word manifesto, so I use Manlyfesto. Much better.

Quotes is just a collection of quotes I have discovered that I feel are particularly interesting, relevant or profound. Currently, Machiavelli holds a prominent place.

Below is a selection of posts that represent the kind of stuff I write. Read a few, and if you’re intrigued, be sure to subscribe. I post several times each month.

If you’re here for my old Oxhorn stuff, don’t worry good sir, I have that saved for you as well.

Thanks for reading! Stay classy folks.

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